Russian Literature by Writers in Russia

The novelty of Russian Literature and Famous Writers in Russia

You would have heard a lot about the famous writers in Russian like Tolstay , Chekov and Pushkin. Russian literature is far more expanded than these personalities and their work. Lets us share some briefs about it.

Evolution Era of Russian Literature

Russian Literature, Russian books

Book of The Song of Igor’s Campaign is the first masterpiece of Russian Literature

Russian literature has a very rich history. It was evolved during the 10th century after the era of Byzantine. Christianity brought high influence to it as initially the Russian literature was considered as a function of the Church Slavonic. It effect can be easily seen in religious characters and symbols in the early literature of Russia.

The Song of Igor’s Campaign has been honored to be a first literature masterpiece of Russia. This stunning novel portrays the Russians' conditions under the Tatar period.

Early Russian literature explains the spiritual methodologies. It also describes the political and the Czar regime of that period.

Books like Beyond the River Don and Journey beyond the Three Seas are the prominent publications of earlier times.

Westernization In Russian Literature

Russian literature started to be influenced by Western literature during the 17th and 18th century. It was the peak time of Peter I when many Western literature work was presented in Russian theaters. The translated literature material was mostly published in 1662. This is the period when Russian alphabets were revised. During 1708-44, the Russian poetry was its fullest.

V.K. Tredyakovsky and M.V.Lomonosov gave the tonic style of Russian poetry. Founder of Russian drama A.P. Sumarokov introduced the syllabic form in Russian poetry.

Modern and Romantic Era of Russian Literature

The nineteenth century was the modern and romantic era of Russian literature. V.A. Zhukovsky is famous to bring the essence of idealism and romance in Russian poetry. A Krylov is known for his national tales, which were supported a lot during the war against Napolean.

Most of masterpieces of Russian literature, like work from I.S. Turgenev, Feodor Dostoyevsky, and Leo Tolstoy were written during the period of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. Russian literature became full of idealism, romance, melodrama, and sentiments during this time. Fictional work also developed through the work of V.M. Garshin and V.G. Korolenko.

Today’s well known Russian writers

Russian writers, Russian Literature

The famous Russian Writer Mikail Shihskin

The World War II brought the end of friendship with the West for Russia. After that, literature turned into a new shape. Native writers like who were not appreciated before were become favorite in such circumstances.

Today, the contemporary Russian literature is influenced by the commercialism. Most of Russian writers prefer writing to entertain the people of Russia.  They are emphasizing to bring positive changes in society which was not the case before the falling of Russia. Today’s well known writers of Russia are Mikail Shihskin, Zakhar Prilepin and Dmitry.

The Light and the Dark by Mikail is a must read book for contemporary lovers.

Literary Tours to Famous Libraries in Russia

The Literary Museums in Russia like The State Museum of Lev Tolstoy, Chekhov House Museum, The National Pushkin Museum. They were actually the personal places of these writers, turned into museums by government. Here you will find the personal belongings of these great writers, their original manuscripts and an opportunity of learning about their personalities.

This weekend visit Russia on a literary tour and experience the taste of classic Russian literature pieces.

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