Basic Facts About Russian Geography

Learn about the Basic Facts of  Russian Geography

Russia is the world’s largest country in area. It occupies the regions of Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. The country is expanded over much of the northern Eurasia.

The European area of Russia is a significant part of the continental. The country expands from Kalingrad to Ratmanov Island from west to east. From North to South, Russia stretches from the Northern tip of Russian Aretic Islands to the Sothern tip of the Republic of Dagestan.

Countless resources of minerals, metals, water, gemstones, multi continental diversities have made Russian geography very interesting to study! There are some key points to know about Russian geography.

Russian Geography 

It is situated in the northern and middle latitudes of the northern Hemisphere. Russia has the area of 17.1 million square kilometer.  This huge area contributes to  one-eighth of world’s populated land area.

Geographical Topology on the Map of Russia

Geographical Topology on the Map of Russia

Neighbors of Russia 

The Russian border is the world’s longest border . The border line is expanded over an area of 57’792 kilometers.

Russian borders are attached with 19 countries. They mainly include USA, China , Ukraine, Korea, Japan,  Poland, Finland, Mongolia, Norway, Georgia and 9 others.

Diversified Russian Geography and Multi Ethnic Groups of Russia

Huge geographical boundary of Russia has opened the gates for the number of ethnic groups to comes and live here. Russian people belonging to different cultures. Like Northern Europeans, Tatars, Ukrainians and all over the world are inhabited here.

Today, Russia is the home for about 185 ethnic groups.

Natural Zones of Russia

The Russia is mainly divided in to 5 natural zones.

  • The Thunder Zone
  • The Taiga
  • The Steppe
  • The Arid
  • The Mountain zone

These zones are the traditional territorial divisions in Russian geography.

Mountain Ranges of Russia

Ural Mountains of Russia is the oldest mountain range on the earth. They are expanded to the area of about 1300 miles along the boundary of Europe and Asia. These mountains are one of the most famous feature of Russian geography. And major minerals and gemstones resource for Russia.

Altai Mountains in Central Asian region, Caucasus Mountains between Caspian sea and Black sea, Sayan Mountains along Siberian and Mongolian region and Baikal Mountain range in Southern Siberia are among the largest mountain ranges of Russia.

Russian Geography, Ural Mountains in Russia

Russian Geography - Ural Mountains in Russia

Water Resources of Russia

Russia is blessed with great water resources. The country has thousands of rivers and world’s largest surface water resources. Unique Russian geography is gifted with hundreds of rivers and sea water resources.

Russia is linked with 12 major seas of the world. Baltic Sea, Azov Sea, Black Sea, White Sea, Sea of Japan , East Siberian Sea are the major ones.

Lake Baikal in Siberian region of Russia, has 20% of fresh drinking water resource of the world. 

Because of the severe climatic conditions in most part of the country. Most of the water resources remained covered with snow for about six months a year.

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