The Unique Style of Russian Contemporary Art

Enjoy the Unique Style, Liberty and Amazing expression of Russian Contemporary Art! 

Contemporary  art is the art of modern era . This term is used to refer the work of the artists of this present time, who are continuously making their additions.

Famous Russian Contemporary Artists

Russian contemporary artists are famous around the world for their greatest liberty of expressions and creative thoughts. Sculptures of of Leonid Sokov, Painting of  Vitaly Komar and Alexander Melamid, conceptual art of Ilya Kabakov and Pyotr Pavlensky have made Russia known for their diversities in contemporary art.

Russian Contemporary Art

Russian Contemporary Art

Contemporary Art in Moscow and St. Petersburg

Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two main cities of Russia. With so many other old and traditional attractions. These cities are also keeping the collections of Russian contemporary art. On your visit to Russia,  you can enjoy great contemporary art of Russia in the museums of these cities.

The Moscow Biennale and Art Moscow events are growing as international art fair. Moreover, Moscow has hosted ‘Kandinsky’, the biggest national prize for contemporary art.

Russian Contemporary Art Galleries

Russia has many popular contemporary artists.  There are many art galleries and museums to house the work of Russian contemporary artists.

Erarta Galleries

Erarta Galleries is among the largest contemporary art galleries in Russia. Based in St.Petersburg, Erarta has housed artwork from Russian contemporary artists. It has showcased the art from more than 150 contemporary artists of the world.

Art Galleries in Russia, Russian Contemporary Art

Erarta Gallery Russia

Central House of Artists (CHA)

The Central House of Artists is another house keeper of Russian Contemporary art form Soviet era, since 1979. It has a wonderful collection of more than 50000 sculptures, paintings and modern art pieces from contemporary artists.

Russian Art, Russian Contemporary art

XVII International Biennale of Architecture and Design

Moscow Museum of Modern Art

Moscow Museum of Modern Art has huge collection of modern art. It was opened in 1999. Moscow Museum of Modern Art has the work from many noble artists like Chagall, Kandinsky, Dmitry, Oleg Kulik, Andrey Bartenev, Boris Orlov and a lot more. This museum has expanded hugely during the last years.

Places to visit in Moscow, Russian Art, Russian Contemporary art

Photography Exhibition in Moscow House of Photography

Moscow Museum of Modern Art is also serving as an educational, research and publication center for Russian Contemporary Art.

Garage Center for Contemporary Culture

The Garage Center for Contemporary Culture is another popular center of Russian contemporary art. It was opened in 2008 in Moscow.  It has been furnished with best and wonderful contemporary art from the world.

The Garage Center is a modern art center. Features art experimental laboratory, book galleries, art therapies and modern research attractions  for students and professionals.

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