What is the Role of Russian Embassy in your country

What is the Role of Russian Embassy  in your country?

We all have heard a lot about this word of “Embassy “or “Consulate” in the daily news. This always makes us think that embassies are always working for political and government issues.

But there is a lot more to know about the basic functionality of Russian embassy around the world.

Main role of Russian Embassy

Russian embassies are the representative of Russian Federation in your country. Other than just government representation and political activities, Russian embassy is working in a very broad range in collaboration with our country. Their aim is to develop a prosperous economic, cultural and relationship between two countries.

Some of the important responsibilities of embassy are

    • Economic corporation between Russia and your country
    • Law enforcement in your country
    • Trading with your country
    • Defense and strategic planning with your country
    • Handling foreign affairs and concerned issues
    • Promoting Russian culture in your country
    • Promoting educational exchange programs in between two countries
    • Providing consular services in your country

The representatives of your country and Russian Federation sit together to define and check standard policies in each of these concerned areas.

Russian Embassy also takes care of Russian nationals in foreign country. They manage their migration process, legal status, official documents and passports etc.

How Russian Embassy can help you in coming to their country?

Russian Embassy has very various departments based on their responsibilities. Consular Services department of Russian Embassy is one of its main departments. Sometimes it is also referred as a “Consular Section ".

This department defines and processes all the requirements of Russian entry from your country and helps you in coming to Russia.

Consular section of embassy offers public dealing for visa processing.

Legal Visa Processing at Russian Embassy

Russian Embassy of your country is the main authority to issues you the Russian visa. And let you enter in their country.

For getting a Russian visa, you have to deal with consular section of Russian Embassy in your country.

Consular Section works with the Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia (MFA). They give all the instructions about visa application process. They send your applications and grant you the visa permits for Russia.

The embassy charges a processing fee for your visa application. They process these types of Russian visas for you:

    • Transit Visa
    • Study Visa
    • Tourist Visa
    • Business Visa
    • Private / Home stay Visa 

Consular representatives are also available on local telephone help lines. You can contact them anytime in the standard business hours.

Russian Government has also authorized many travel services company to help people in this matter.  The main aim is to help people more and more, who want to visit Russia. And to assist them for filing their visa applications.

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