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All the Updated information on Russian Visa and Residency in Russia

When go to Russia, your staying period and residency in Russia is actually defined by your visa type. You first need to check that what type of Russian visa you are going to get. Then comes the next thing about the limitations of this visa type.

On a tourist visa, you can maximally enjoy your time in Russia for 30 days .

On a study visa, or student visa, initially you will be allowed to stay maximum for 90 days. It can be extendable only by your college/university.

On a business visa,single entry and double entry  business visas are also  issued for 90 days. The multiple entry business visa can give the staying period of 1 to 3 years. This extension is based on the time mentioned on business visa invitations

The city of Ekaterinburg, Yekaterinburg Center

Business Centers in Russia

Residence Permit of Russia

Residence Permit is an official document in Russia. It gives the permission of staying,freely entering and exiting Russian boundaries. This document is issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia based on specific conditions.

The residence permit of Russia is of two types:

Temporary Residency in Russia

Temporary residence permit is issued for the time period of three. Russian MFA allows the foreigners to have a temporary residency in Russia under some special conditions .

  • Like if you have married a Russian,
  • your parents are Russian ( having serious medical/ financial issues) and you have to support them
  • You have made an investment in Russian
  • Some conditional stay, required Russian federal government.

The validity of this temporary permit  expires if these conditions changes.

Permanent Residency in Russia

Permanent residence permit is actually the extension of your temporary residence permit in Russia. Permanent residents enjoy many of the citizenship rights of Russia

This permit is issued for of 5 years. And it can be issued again after its expiry.

The main condition to apply for the permanent residency in Russia, is that you must have stayed in Russia for at least 1 year on a temporary stay permit.

Rights of Temporary and Permanent Residents in Russia

The basic human rights and law observance are same for all kind of people in Russia.The legal status of  the temporary and permanent residents of Russia is different from the locals people. They may not enjoy all the national rights of Russia.  Like electing the government bodies. Temporary residents cannot vote in electing local and federal governments.

Whether you are traveling to Russia as tourist, study in Russia, invest in Russian business markets,  or  a temporary or permanent resident. You have to follow all the local and federal laws of Russia.

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