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Dear student, you are trying to misguide people with your comment and 100% lying. We never have a single unhappy student with our services so far, let me clear the original situation. Before starting the topic, I must say that you just paid us 99$ before getting your visa.

Kislaya Agarwal from India 2018 -2019 Student Visa

Then you successfully got your visa, and after that  you flew to Russia, we received you , given you all the services accordingly and in the end you said that you don’t want this course and want to go back to your country and we refunded all your tuition fee in just two days.

Now here are full details, you came to our website with reference of one of the top state universities of Russia.  Initially you wanted to apply for the double degree program in Russia with Germany.  But during the section process, you only got selected by our Russian State University.

It is the part of our standard process to clearly inform the student about his selection. So we did the same in your case too, see the screenshot .

We also take written undertaking from all students about their course and you did that too with your own hands, see the screenshot

RIBTTES clearly informed you that you have been chosen for the Russian Degree program and you will be continuing your education for two years in Russia . At that time, you happily agreed and signed agreement on that bases, see the screenshot

When you arrived at Russia, you were so happy, we picked you from airport , we proceeded for admission process etc. Everything was going perfect till the time you saw some fellow international students being processed for Germany and you realized that you are not going to Germany.

Once you came to know that you are not going to EU, then you found a reason and suddenly you started to say that the course in which you came was not the same which you dreamed. You told us that in your application form, which you sent first time to university, you explained them.

But when you enrolled at RIBTTES , we exchanged almost 100 emails , but you never asked us regarding this. We have all your emails and written contracts. You never showed us a single email or some think like that in which we misguided you. We asked you several times that please show us any of our email message in which you told you that your course will have this content, that you are asking now. But you failed to produce any record; while on the other hand we provided all the record in which you agreed on the same course. (that is not our fault, if Germany university refused to give you admission)

In our observation, you didn't get the chance to go to Germany so you made all the script to justify yourself. We are clearly saying that, we are an agency not a university, our duty is to tell students only, university name , related course and link to the course content. We cannot go in so much details that, in this course what teachers would teach you or what not. That should be the responsibility of student to check course content carefully and if he or she has some question, they should ask it before applying to that course. We are dealing with 100s of different courses, we can’t be specialized in course contents. You even had a skype interview with your university management before getting admission, so why didn’t you ask them there if you really felt that problem?

In the end let me clear you regarding fee. You wrote in your message that you paid USD and you got Rubble in the refund. Let me answer you for that.

Normally when any one fly in any country they take USD with them, because it is powerful currency across the world. But that doesn't means that it will be used everywhere in all the counties in the world. University tuition fee is always in Russian Ruble. It was clearly written in your admission letter and on the website of university that you will pay your tuition fee in Russian Rubles. See the screenshot . So when you came to Russia with USD, we exchanged on the same day and converted into Ruble to pay to university. Because universities don't receive USD. In your message you said that we took USD from you but didn't refund you in USD that was the reason. And I hope it is very much clear to any person who travel from his native land.

You claimed refund and you said that I don't want to study here and wanted to go back. We must clear one thing that, all our service charges and admission fee is non-refundable if you come to Russia and go back by your own wish. We are not responsible for that. We discharged our duties properly and paid your insurance and other all required fees. Normally for refunding tuition fee we take more than 10 % deduction , it takes more than 30 days and it comes only through bank and on withdraw cash we always have to pay some commissions and bank transfer and services fee. But for you we just took 5 % and we refunded you in two days from our company side.

We refunded your money in Ruble, because you paid tuition fee into Ruble not in USD. After getting your refund you exchanged your Rubles into USD on the bank rate of that day. You bought USD from us on the same day bank exchange rate. you counted them and checked them properly by your side before taking. Now you are purely lying that one banknote is with something etc. It was your duty to see things properly before leaving.

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