Diploma in Nursing | Russian visa

Diploma in Nursing

  • Level of Study:
  • Duration: Two years
  • Medium of studies: Russian
  • Tuition Fee: USD 3000 / 150000 Rubles
  • Mode: Full- Time
  • Study Intake: September
  • Session: Sept 2019
  • City: Moscow

 The Russian Diploma in Nursing is UNESCO and WHO recognized program to prepares young professional in the field of Nursing and Health Care.

The program is offered in Russian Medium. In order to fully prepare the students to handle patients and practice in local Russian hospitals.

Study of 1 year diploma of Nursing in Russia includes the training in following areas:

  • Health care
  • Infections control
  • General nursing
  • Equipment administration
  • Medication and Injections administration

Foreign students can enter in the program after taking the Russian preparatory course of 1 year.

Academic Eligibility: 12 years education to apply.

Language Requirements: Russian language preparatory course/ University foundation course.

This diploma is offered in multiple partner universities. Tuition fee will vary depending on the accepting university.

University State:  Program is available in State universities, semi state universities and public sector universities.

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