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What to Know When You Plan Your Trip to Russia

Russia is the largest geographical country of the world. It shares a huge neighborhood with European and north Asian countries. The land is highly enriched with natural resources like largest freshwater lake of world, Lake Baikal, world largest resources of natural gas and petroleum.

Quickly progressive economy of Russia offers so many industrial and investment opportunities for foreigners. These job opportunities are attracting millions of people around the globe, every year to visit Russia.

While planning your trip to Russia, here are some basic things, you should know about Russians!

Moscow is the Capital City

Moscow is the Capital and one of the largest business centers of the world. Moscow has many modern attractions and  historical spots for tourists.  Museums displaying the heritage of one of the oldest community of world dated back from ninth century, showcasing royal collections, art galleries and amazing architecture.

 Saint Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, is the most famous icon of Russia in the world.

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St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow Russia

St. Petersburg is the cultural capital

St. Petersburg is the next most important and modern city of Russia. Its cathedrals, Bridges, canal views and theaters are the worth seeing stuff in Russia. This has made St. Petersburg as one of the most beautiful city for making a trip to Russia.

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St Petersburg cathedral, Russia

Port cities of Russia

Sochi, NovorossiyskKaliningrad, Vladivostok, Azov are also some of the beautiful port cities of Russia where you can easily plan short river cruise trips even without a visa.

Russian people

Russian people are very welcoming . They are always happy to receive tourists at their home, offering dinners, tea parties, traditional souvenirs and their places to stay. They are lively people. They enjoy festivals and holidays with traditions celebrations, cuisines and alcohol parties.

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Russian People

Crime rate in Russia

They don’t have strict social laws. But the crime rate in relatively low as compared to American states. Tourists are safe to move around but they still need to be careful about their belongings.

Ice sports in Russia

Water lakes are completely frozen in winters as temperature drops to -30C to -60C in Russia. They are the world famous spots for ice sports like snowboarding, skiing, ice hockey and skating. This year, Winter Olympics in Sochi has also attracted thousands of tourists to Russia.

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The famous specialty of Russian Troika Horses.

Religious believers in Russia

Among religious believers in Russia, Christians and Muslims are larger in number as compared to Buddhists and Jews. But people do not openly express their religious origins. As most of the Russians are atheists.

Russian language

Russian locals speak different regional languages but Russian is their national language and commonly understood by everyone. However English is a rarely known language to Russians. Hardly 5 % of locals can understand English. So, as a traveler, you should learn Russian to explore the country at your own.

Russian visa

For Russian visa processing, you need to make prior arrangements for your stay. Best way is to contact some registered Russian tour company to organize your tour and hotels reservation in Russia.

The government has made several policies to help you in the process of getting Russian visa. The travel visas are valid for 90 to 3 days. These visa policies have different conditions for every specific region. Your local embassy and the purpose of making a trip to Russia would define your visa requirements and its validity.

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  1. Balminder Singh Bimbrah
    I have read with interest about Russia and Its People, Places Worth visiting and Russian Culture.This has been beautifully explained and it has aroused my interest in exploring Russia. As I am not much familiar with Russian Language it may hinder my plan to visit Russia.
    • Diana George
      We are very happy to see your interest, and we strongly encourage you to explore Russia by coming over here. if you want to come Russia as a tourist then it doesn't matter that you know much about Russian language, it is normal for the tourist. you can have professional guides with you who can help you, You can <a href="" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">contact us</a> for this.

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