PhD in Russia

PhD in Russia - The Most Innovative Research Experiences of the World.

PhD is a post graduate level education. It is regarded as the highest degree, officially acknowledging the academic status of a person. The degree is granted specifically in the field of sciences and research. It usually takes 10 years for a researcher to complete its PhD studies and researches. These Phd candiates are known as Aspirants in Russia.

There are two types of research degrees in In Russian education system.

  • Kandidat Nauk Degree ( The first stage of 3 – 4 years and the Western PhD)
  • Doktor Nauk Degree (The second stage of 10 to 15 years and the Western Habilitation)
Research Students working in Russian Lab

Research Students working in Russian Lab

About the PhD and Research Programs

Russian education system is under the jurisdiction of the ministry of education and research. Russian universities offers many courses for aspirants. The applicant must have a profound knowledge to continue for the further research. Psychology, economics, mathematical simulation, biological sciences, engineering, information technology are among the popular courses for research studies in Russia.

The average age for doing PhD degree is 25-27 in Russia. The age for the Habilitation is 50 years  and 60 years for professors .

Program structure

The duration for PhD in Russia is generally for 4- 6 years. Study in Russia concerns with the doctoral program is only comprised of researches. The scientific advisors are appointed to give advice to doctoral students on their dissertation research.

Doctorants annually present a report on the result of their accomplished work, as measured against their individual programs. A doctorant must complete his or her doctoral dissertation in the course study and submitting it to receive its preliminary evaluation in the given institution.

Best Universities for Research

Leading universities of Russia like Moscow State University, Saint Petersburg State University, Kursk State Medical University, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia and National Research Universities are providing doctorate degrees many advanced programs.

Annual Fee 

Study in Russia is comparatively low priced  as of the other European countries. An estimated average fee for PhD programs vary in between $4000 - $7350. But this highly depend on your university selections.

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