Peterhof palace (Petrodvorets) in St. Petersburg Russia

Peterhof Palace is the largest fountain construction of the World 

Peterhof palace.

Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg - The UNESCO World Heritage Sight in Russia

Peterhof  palace is one of the most important Russian sights on your trip to Russia. The palace and the park ensemble on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. It is about 30 km from the main city of St. Petersburg.

Construction of Peterhof  palace proceeded about two centuries.The main idea of its creation, the planning decisions and plans of decorating belong to Peter-I.  Before Russian revolution, the palace actually served as the imperial residence.In 1918 palaces were turned into the museum and tourist destination to let the world know about this greatest architecture of Russian rulers.

Peterhof Gardens in Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

Peterhof Gardens in Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

During war, Peterhof was occupied by the German troops. Before their arrival it was succeeded to evacuate over 8 thousand subjects of furniture of palaces and about 50 statues.The German troops entered Peterhof on September 20, 1941 and after three-day fights seized the city.Occupation lasted till January 19, 1944. Palaces and parks were destroyed and ruined. The palace was then restored for tourism in 1997.

As a Top tourist attractions in Russia

The grand palace is the center of ensemble. From the terrace of the grand palace, opens the majestic panorama of the Grand cascade, Sea channel and sea. The most important part of this museum are the parks with fountains. The top park (from South side) with five fountains and Nizhny park where the world's largest complex of fountains. The area of the lower park  is more than 100 hectares.

Peterhof palace, Travel to Russia

Grand cascade in Peterhof Palace, Russia

Unimaginable beauty of Peterhof Palace

Two events are annually celebrated in Peterhof palace. One is the holiday of opening the Peterhof fountains and the other is the holiday of their closing. Its 64 fountains, 255 bronze sculptures and other decorative details put the big cascade in number of the largest fountain constructions of the world.

The Grand Cascade, Peterhof Palace.

The view of Samson Fountain in Peterhof Palace

Today fountains, parks and palaces of Peterhof retains the best of their original state. Millions of tourists from around the world come to the Peterhof  palace to see this surprising and beautiful attraction in Russia.

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