Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) Federal Quota for Russia 2017 | Russian visa

Temporary Residence Permit (TRP) Federal Quota for Russia 2017

Russian temporary Residence Permit (in Russian - RVP) can be issued to foreigners within special quotas, as provided by Federal Law dd 25.07.2002 № 115-ФЗ (with amendments come into legal force since 31.07.2016) “On legal position of foreign citizens in Russian Federation”. The validity period of TRP is 3 years in Russia.

Government of Russia annually approves this TRP quota for different foreign citizens

The executive branches of Russian government suggest this quota based on different demographic situations.  And depending on the possibility of adjusting foreign citizens in Russia.

TRP federal Quota for year 2017

For 2017, Russian Government offered TRP quota to 110,880 foreigners, for all Russia.

Leningradsky Region got 400 such permits and Saint Petersburg got 1500. The most big amount of quotas is made for Moscow Region where it is 8,000. All these permits were divided among the citizens of various nationalities.

Foreigners living in St.-Petersburg had to be waiting for opening of the Single Center of Documents (SCD) authorized to issue quotas by Migration Questions Department of the Russian Ministry of Interior of St.-Petersburg and Leningrad Region.

The SCD opened its doors at 8:45 a.m on 11th of January 2017 and started issuance of tickets for inspector’s windows. All claimers independently of their countries were allowed to come in and submit their documents.

Eligibility to Obtain Russian TRP quota

You can only apply for TRP, if you have stayed in Russia for more than 6 months.tourists and Business visa holder cannot apply for TRP, because they only get short stay visas in Russia. Students and work permit holders can apply for TRP.

You need original passport, your visa and registration to apply. First the department checks your documents then after a little interview they issue you quota. For more information about TRP please visit our blog for citizenship process for Russia. https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/

Russian Temporary Residence Permit Stamped on Passport

Comparison of 2016 to 2017

Quotas for Moscow, Saint Petersburg, Kaliningrad region have not changed compared to the 2016 year and amounted to respectively 8000, 1500, 4000 permits. Crimea, together with the federal city of Sevastopol, which were included in the Southern Federal District, reduced to 100 permits.

Primorsky Territory got  2,200 permits in 2017, It was almost twice less than in 2016.

Thus, the number of permits in the Central Federal District in 2017 was 33,400, the highest number gets the Moscow region - 8000 permits.

North-West Federal District will be issued 9360 permits,  SFD 11,600.  North Caucasian Federal District - 6450, the Volga Federal District - 19,050 Urals District - 7570, Siberia and the Far East - 17,020 and  6430 respectively.

How many Nationalities got Russian TRP Quota for 2017

This year 2017, citizens of more than 20 countries got TRP quota. Including , Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Moldova, Abkhazia, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, South Ossetia, Armenia, Tadjikistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, China, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, Israel, Columbia, Cuba, Serbia, Thailand, Montenegro, Chile, Peru, Vietnam, Pakistan, Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Turkmenista and others.

How to get Russian TRP from quota leading to citizenship of Russia

Students and work permits holder are eligible to apply for Govt. quota for TRP. More than 6 months of visa is required to file temporary residence permit in Russia leading to citizenship of Russia .

RIBTTES professional legal team help all of its students and clients to file TRP. This year,  in  Jan 2017, RIBTTES helped 10 students from different nationalities to apply TRP. And all of them submitted their documents successfully.
Read this article if you really want to be the next lucky one, and start your process for apply now for citizenship of Russia.

Our team experts are always ready to help you!

Soon we will share with you our happy students video testimonials who got TRP in year 2017

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  1. Please update me regarding education and TRP through email or phone call @91-8464810870
    • Natalia
      Dear Maroju,Thanks for your query at RIBTTES, We have sent you the process details on your email ID . Regards Team RIBTTES
    • Hi i m omar faruq from bangladesh. I need some information about my document . I did make RVP in grozny but i didn't make regestation in grozny. Now i make 1 year regestation in st. Petersburg. Have any problems please tell me .
      • Natalia
        It is requested to please write details of your question at support@ribttes.com The expert team member in this field , will reply to you, Regards
  2. How can I start my own bussiness like restaurant,coffee shop,hotel or any bussiness at st. Petersberg being a tr holder staying there...is that possible...what are the major and minor procedures to start my own bussiness there? will u please explain me the expenses and legal formalities and all.
    • Ribttes
      Thank you for showing interest, yes it is very good to start your own business like , restaurant,coffee shop,hotel in St. Petersburg Russia. every year million of tourists are coming in this city from across the glob. these kind of business are better in Russia. you can come to Russia and first, you need to open your LTD company. Then on behalf of that company you can purchase any business here and also you can apply your own three year extendable work permit to work in your own company. later by paying taxes you can apply <a href="https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/" target="_blank">Temporary residence permit of Russia </a>. if you want any further support please contact us by clicking this link <a href="https://ribttes.com/about-us/contacts/" target="_blank">Help</a>
  3. Hello there . I hope you are well . Sir I am here in Moscow now I came here yesterday . So plz let me can I apply for trp and in how much time I will get trp. I'm waiting for your reply Thanks
    • Natalia
      Kindly send the details along with your visa copy at support@ribttes.com Our expert will guide you further. Regards - Team RIBTTES
  4. Hi sir. I'm in Moscow as a student from last 2 months. How can my husband join me here as my dependent? looking forward to hear from you.
    • Natalia
      Dear Anjuman,You husband cannot join you as your dependent , He can apply his visa separately like his own student / business or work visa . Regards, Team RIBTTES
  5. DEAR companyi am from Iran and i live Iranhow can i apply for TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT (TRP) FEDERAL QUOTA in saint Petersburg?how much should i pay fee for your services for get TEMPORARY RESIDENCE PERMIT (TRP) FEDERAL QUOTA ?
    • Natalia
      Dear Hama, you need to be in Russia , to start your process of Russian Residency Permit. If you want to learn in detail about TRP, PR and Citizenship of Russia, then you must read that article.We have written in detail every thing which can help you to understand every thing about Russian citizenship process.Please follow that link: https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/
  6. Hello..hope your doing great.. I'm from nepal.. do we have to face interview for applying trp.. though I dnt know russian language much ..in this condition what is the option for me.. it will be hard for me to pass the interview..
    • Natalia
      Hello Khemraj, yes the applicant has to face very basic interview, we prepare our clients and guide them fully for that. Please contact our office for more details at +79119248994 , Regards Natalia
  7. Please I want to know if I can submit for TRP.have been to fms and I was ask to come to submit my documents on the 1st march 2018 but I only have visa still July 30th. My university refund to renew my visa because I will finish my decree course by june/july.please I want to know if i cañ submit it like that for TRP with fms
    • Natalia
      Thank you Peter,Please contact the support@ribttes.coomThey team will guide you for your query, thank you
  8. Good day sir, hope you are good Please can I apply for a temporary residence permit with my tourist visa in Russia ?? What to know sir
    • Natalia
      Good Afternoon , Please email us your complete case details at support@ribttes.com along with your visa copy. We will check and reply you further. Regards, Team RIBTTES
  9. I will study Russian language in Kazan for one year can I apply for trp after one year of studying?
    • Natalia
      Dear Johnny , obtaining TRP depends on what path do you choose for your self. If you want to learn in detail about TRP, PR and Citizenship of Russia, then you must read that article.We have written in detail every thing which can help you to understand every thing about Russian citizenship process.Please follow that link: https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/
  10. Hello Natalia. I am married to a russian girl and now came to russia on private visa for three months valid upto end of May 18, how can i apply for TRP ? Will i have to go back to my country before expiry of visa, because i read it takes around 06 months to get TRP. I have a basic knowledge of russian, is it enough ? Is income proof is mandatory to get TRP ? I have a fixed monthly income in my country, is it enough or i have to show my income in russia ? Right now i do not do anything in russia from which i can show my income.
    • Natalia
      Dear Devinder,We apologize for the delayed response on your inquiry, based on our general assessment you may TRP under simplified procedure. In addition to the Basic Russian knowledge, you need to pass special exam to receive Russian Language Certificate, And also the exam in in Russian History and Legislation.And yes you need to exit Russia before your current visa will expire. For entering Russia to receive your TRP you will apply special visa, provided for by refreshed law for claimers, in whose regard FMS decided to issue TRP.About the proof of income, you should have income proof in Russia , but on this question , right now we cannot confirm your status without knowing more details of your case.You can either visit our office with prior appointment to start your process for obtaining legal consultancy services for TRP, or you can visit the FMS directly,Regards, Team RIBTTES
  11. Hi sir iam from india next month i am coming russia on tourist visa but my plan is to start some buisness in russia pls tell me if i want to make my trp how much time it will take and what is cost of that and also i have some basic knowledge of Russian language and regarding my business i am interested to start a coffee shop pls guide me
    • Natalia
      Dear Singh , You are Welcome to Russia ! You can schedule a consultancy meeting with RIBTTES in our office. and our team will offer you complete package for services. Please write full email at operations@ribttes.com and tell us your date of arrival and which city you are coming?Looking Forward! Natalia
  12. Hi, I'm vijay from India. My girlfriend living in tolyatti. We have planning to get married next month. If. I'll come to Russia on tourist visa and get married with her after get married with her I need to come back to India? And how I can get TRP and Russian language exam is necessary for TRP.
    • Ribttes
      Hi Vijay, Let me answer your question, If you are coming to marry her , then my suggestion is dont come on tourist visa. you can ask your girlfriend if she is Russian national to issue you private invitation, because tourist visa can not be more than 30 days and for marriage you need more than a month. yes you need Russian language certificate for that for sure
  13. Hello I came to Russia with the fifa fan id and it will expire on 25th of July 2018,i would like to know how possible I can apply for Russia temporary Residence permit before my fan id expires.Thank you
    • Natalia
      Dear Mark,Thank you for your message, you cannot apply the TRP on a FAN ID. If you want to learn in detail about TRP, PR and Citizenship of Russia, then you must read that article.We have written in detail every thing which can help you to understand every thing about Russian citizenship process.Please follow that link: https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/
  14. Hi Natalia,i'm planning to participate SPBU Preparatory Programme next year in Saint Petersburg and continue my Master's study there. I wish to apply TRP through quota and I'd like to know the followings: 1- Procedures details for TRP 2- Application time ( to plan for my language proficiency test, I heard it's twice a year in Feb. and Jun. but not sure) 3- Service detail and terms offered by your firm.Thank You Mark
    • Natalia
      Hello Mark ,Kindly read the basics here : https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/
  15. I already applied for my trp six months back. My wife didn’t receive any notification or call on her account. How to check for the process and does it happen that it can be late than 6 months also
    • Natalia
      Dear Moheet,We apologize for delayed reply. Kindly contact us at support@ribttes.com if you still have the problem in getting information on your query.Regards,
  16. hi , i am indian cityzen, now i m in armenia,i got one month tourist visa from armenia, so i am travelling to moscow very soon, i want know , can i change my tourist visa to business visa or work permit? its possible?
    • Natalia
      Dear Bijoy,The tourist visa cannot be changed into any other type of Russian visa. IF you want to obtain the business visa , then please apply separately for the Russian Business visa instead of the tourist visa,Thank you
  17. I want to know.. Can i get trp on tourist visa of Russia? I want to come in Russia and want to work.. In Russia
  18. I'm 51 year old. Is there any possibility to get permanent residency by studying "Russian Language Course"? I don't want to join preparatory language course for further studies.
    • Natalia
      Apology Sherry , We do not see any chance like that. You need to consider other options in your case. https://ribttes.com/russian-citizenship-requirements-foreigners/ Thank you
  19. Dear Natalia, Russian language course 1 year program.. Maybe my visa also they issue as 1 year. Can i apply TRP??
    • Natalia
      Dear Mohammad , Yes you can apply in the government quota system for TRP. Please send us your details here : https://ribttes.com/apply-now/
  20. Hello rebates I want to know what exactly need for an European passport holder highly qualified specialist ( vks ) to obtain Russian residency in Russia? Which one better to go for Внж or рвп? If you explain it be detailseen please. Best regards
    • Natalia
      Dear Ash ,We have responded with all the details in your email.
  21. Dear Sir/Madam I'm from Libya and I work as an English teacher. The school where I work has registered my entrance when I first came here 6 months ago. I'm planning to apply for a Temporary Resident Permit and move to a bigger city. I have some questions.1. Is it true that I have to apply where I was first registered? Or I can apply for a TRP wherever I want despite where I was registered2. Is it true that I'm not allowed to work outside the territory where my TRP was issued?
    • Natalia
      Dear Zeek ,We have replied to your email ID . Please check there .

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