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The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) is the international conference devoted to discuss the economic and business issues. This international conference is going to held on 16-18 Jun in the year 2016. The first SPIEF conference was held in the year 1997 and since 2006, it has been held under the supervision of the Russian Federation president, Vladimir Putin.


This The St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) international conference held every year in Saint Petersburg. With the passing years, SPIEF has become the prominent platform to discuss the economic issues faced by Russia and over the globe as well.

"SPIEF attracts over 10,000 international and Russian participants, including government and business leaders from the emerging economic powers, as well as leading global voices from academia, the media, and civil society (Trade Mission of Russian Federation in Malaysia_ 4 April, 2016)"

SPIEF,St. Petersburg International Economic Forum , EconomySt. Petersburg International Economic Forum 16-18 June 2016

In 2016, SPIEF come up with the motto of "Capitalizing on the new global economic reality."

“Discussions during the forum will cover five main topics: Stimulating demand, seeking growth, Realizing the economic potential of Russia, The new geo-economic dynamics, Navigating revolutions in technology, and The human dimension. (Xinhua _1 April, 2016)”

The SPIEF also includes SCO (Shanghai Cooperation Organization) Business Forum and a G20 Business Forum. The tradition of Global Energy Awards Ceremony and the Energy Summit will also continue. This will be attended by the heads of global fuel and energy enterprises.

The 400 private jets are arriving at Saint Petersburg airport for the event of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum.

400 Private jets at Saint Petersburg airport on 16th June 2016. (RIBTTES director_16 June, 2016)

400 Private jets at Saint Petersburg airport on 16th June 2016. (RIBTTES director_16 June, 2016)

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016 Schedule

On the first day of the SPIEF, the Russian president will meet the Royal Dutch Shell CEO, Ben van Beurden. This oil company is one of the biggest investors in Russia with the amount of $10 billion. It is also expected that Gazprom and Shell will sign a mutual agreement on Baltic LNG project.

“The president will also hold a meeting with representatives of the global investment community which manages a total capital of over $10 trillion.

Moreover, Putin will discuss with Guinean President Alpha Conde measures against the expansion of the deadly Ebola virus. In 2014, Russia was one of the first countries to send its specialists to Guinea to deal with the Ebola outbreak. (SPUTNIK_15 June, 2016)”

SPIEF,St. Petersburg International Economic Forum , Economy

Opening of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2016

Then Vladimir Putin, president of Russian Federation will meet Jean-Claude Juncker to discuss the sanctions and relation between Moscow and Brussels. Other than this, President will discuss about Syria with Ban Ki-moon and UN Special Envoy, Staffan de Mistura.

At the end, President of Russian Federation will hold a talk with chiefs of international information agencies and answering the questions on various issues.

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