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The month of May comes with some National Holidays in Russia. Russian celebrates Labor Day and Spring in the month of May. It’s a two day holiday to celebrate, 2nd May is officially declared as Labor Day.

The day has its significance and declared as the Day of the International Solidarity of Workers. But the day was renamed as spring and Labor Day in 1992. Many community parades are organized to honor the hard work and rights of labors.

Public Parade on the occasion of Labor Day on 1st May in Russia

Public Parade on the occasion of Labor Day on 1st May in Russia

" The Communists will hold rallies all across the country, with the central event scheduled to take place in downtown Moscow. The Communists are expected to hold their rallies under the slogans "Workers Unite in the Struggle for Your Rights," "Workers' Control at Production," "Nationalization of Strategic Sectors" and "The Oligarchs' Property Must Serve the People's Interests."

The Liberal Democrats will focus on the fight against corruption during their rallies across Russia on May 1" (Sputnik, 1 May, 2011)

Most of the banks, educational institutes and public offices are closed on 1st of May. If May 1 falls on weekend, the holiday forwards to the coming Monday.

Following the 1st and 2nd May, 3rd May is announced as National holiday by the Russian Federation.The political significance of the day is just vanished with the passing time and people just spend these holidays with families.

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