Q&A Session with Russian President Putin on 14 April 2016 | Russian visa
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Vladimir Putin in Q/A session with international students on 14th April, 2016

Russian President, Vladimir Putin welcomed the international students to Russian Federation. He had conducted a special question and answer session with students to respond their queries.

A student named Eve Bourbeau from the University in the Netherlands and currently currently working in Tomsk State University in Siberia. She shared her experience  that after the tragic incident in Europe, she do not feel safe. She further added that she has been working at Tomsk State University for 6 years and feel highly comfortable there.

She questioned President, Vladimir Putin about the future prospects of studying in Russia for international students. He said:

"We certainly would welcome all foreign experts and students. They are more and more of them, said the president. I do not know whether there are any restrictions. In my opinion, they do not exist. There are only restrictions related to the number of budget places for international students." (Study in Russia_15 April,2016)

After welcoming the new students, he had also expressed sympathy for the European colleagues who faced terrorism.

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