President Putin meets FIFA President Gianni Infantino | Russian visa

The meeting was held to discuss about the FIFA event that is going to happen in Russia in 2018. The Russian President congratulated the Gianni Infantino for appointing as a FIFA president.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin meets FIFA President

Russian President, Vladimir Putin meets FIFA President

He further added that:

“We followed closely the events surrounding your organisation. I am not going to comment on anything, I will only mention that, as far as I know, you were on the FIFA reform Committee.” (President of Russia_20 April, 2016)

He acknowledged the expertise of FIFA president as lawyer. He focused on being a legal support to international football association.

The Russian president, Vladimir Putin coming towards the agenda of meeting said that Gianni Infantino is having a general idea about the preparation of coming football World Cup in Russia.

He shared that Russia fought to be become the hosting country for FIFA World Cup 2018 in a very sincere manner. He showed the hope that in Russia this event will be going to the highest level in the history of FIFA. He added that we do not have great experience of holding an international competition in Russia. But we will make it a great event and hoping to have your support to promote this sport in Eurasia.

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