Foreign citizenship can get now student work permit

Now that's what we called, big news of 2016 for the foreign students, who are planning to study in Russia. Now they will have proper chances to get full time Russian Student work permit.

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Russian Federal Law on the Legal Status of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation. 25.07.2002 N 115-FZ, article 13.4 Revised and enforced from 31st July 2016.

With this rule, Russian Government now allows foreign students to work full time in Russia. So, foreign students can easily earn their living expenses in Russia.

Now work full-time on Russian student visa

Student Work Permit Russia, Russian Immigration Laws 2016, Work on Russian Student VisaIn past Russian universities and Russian government did not allow international students to work in Russia.

But with quickly growing number of international students coming to study in Russia. And increasing economic activity in the largest cities of Russia. The requirement of qualified professionals is also increasing in Russia. So, authorities took notice of the issue of work allowed on Russian student visa.

This permission was not only necessary for students to support themselves. But also to gain professional experience in Russian companies.

Hence, this law for students work permit for Russia is recently revised on 31st July 2016. Now, all our students will be able to get good jobs in Russia.  With the legal permission of our government.

Important to Note!

  1. Only the students of Russian State Universities on a full time professional program, can apply for work permit.
  2. The students need employment contract to file for their work permit.
  3. Government will issue work permit for the time of 1 year.
  4. Every year work permit will be extendable depending on the duration of student visa.
  5. This work permit will be issued by the Gov body called FMS in Russia. They will generate work permit card specially for the students.

The enforcement of this law, will start a new era of foreign students in Russia. The international students will now be able to study and earn their living for a better life in Russia!

How we can help you ! will help students to get their work permit in Russia. There are many formalities which can be difficult for students who are new in Russia and dont have much knowledge about Russian law and policies. So do not be worried at all because when Russia then RIBTTES. Our professional services will always be available for you!

We strongly recommend students to study this article if they are planning to come Russia. Citizenship of Russia


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  1. What about language course programs students. Can they do part time job?
    • Natalia
      Yes Rabby , applicant can get work permit if he has a preparatory course leading to full time study program in Russia.
      • Hy i m planning to study on 1 year Russian language this visa extendable..and can find part time jobs to support living and needs..and tell me fees stucture of this course at cheapest universities. Thanks
        • Natalia
          Dear Iqbal . currently the cheapest Russian Language course in available in the tuition fee of 1700 to 2000 USD , we have sent the complete details on your email ID ,Please check your email and provide your educational documents and passport , so we can guide you further.
  2. Can a student do business in russia?also what will it cost?
    • Ribttes
      Thank you for reading our blog, Yes student can open a Ltd company in Russia, but on that company he can not work unless he got work permit from its own company. and for that he needs to apply his own work permit on his company as director or any other post. other wise if he hired some Russian citizen employee for work then he can supervise work without getting own work permit. i hope this is clear if you want more information you can contact our our representative will love to assist you. regards
  3. Respected Sir if i'm studying in russian language course year long in moscow state university can i do part time job? Please Replay
    • Natalia
      Dear Imran Yes you can work if you have a preparatory course leading to full time study program in Russia.
    • Ribttes
      HI, you have to talk to your university and ask them to issue you letter for part time work. i hope they will issue you , because many universities these days are issuing work permission to the students. so just talk to your admin department or talk to your agency from which you came in Russian. Because normally agencies are helping students specially in that case and when they speak to universities then it matters . hope it will help
  4. Can we find easily a job in saint petersburg and how much we earn ?
    • Natalia
      Dear Bukhtair thanks for your Interest in Russia Actually it depends on the visa type you have , if you have work allowed then yes lot of companies can give job why not ! but if you are students and your university is not giving you work permission then of course it will be problem for you. One thing you must understand without proper knowledge of Russian language it is hard to find proper jobs in Russia. So first learn Russian language. if your company is good from which you are coming to Russia then you can get lot of help , like they can guide you in proper way what is better for you what is not. normally universities don't guide people in this way because they don't want that their students will work full time. About salaries normally salaries start from 35000 ruble to 60,000 per month for 8 hour work . but for special positions and skills it can be more than this amount.You can contact our Visa Support Team at and discuss you application and plans for Russia in Detail. Regards, Team RIBTTES
  5. How much amount can earn a HSE's student by doing part-time job in Moscow? What is the time limit of part-time job and how many days in a week have to work a part-time worker? And what is the best job for a student?
    • Natalia
      Hi, MD ABUL HASAN ,Generally the wage rate is around 800 RUB to 1000 RUB . This greatly varies on the professional skills of the person and the Russian language speaking and understanding ability. You can write your query at for further information.Regards - Team RIBTTES
  6. minimum sallary wage for an hour by part time job we can earn?
    • Natalia
      The wage rate depends greatly on the professional skills - generally speaking it is around 800 RUB to 1000 RUB per day
  7. I am interesting to study in only concern is currently I'm workin for company.i am getting more than 100000 Sri Lankan rupees as monthly wage.i want to know if I Comming to russia as a much can I earn as monthly wages.and can you say it $ value?if I got part time job?how many hrs can I work?and can I earn more than 3000$ per month
    • Natalia
      Dear Chamika ,Thanks for your writing to RIBTTES. if you are coming on student visa then you will not able to earn that much money. In that case, our advice is better to work in your country, if you are earning such good salary in home country. Students can not earn 3000 $ because they are student they are coming here for study nor for earning. if you want to come here only on job then come on work visa, by fist getting job from any Russian company on your skills and then come here on that company work permit hope it will help you to decide your plans further.Best Regards! Team RIBTTES
  8. Hello...I Am Planning For russian Language In Far Eastern Federal University , I saw alot of comments I m satisfied Now But I have a Query ,,that Will i Be able,to Cover my monthly expenses with part time Job,i have experience of accounting and Computer skills
    • Natalia
      Dear Ghasanfar Ali,Yes the cost of life is very affordable in Russia , In small cities it is around US$ 200 to US$ 300 per month. If you are able to get reasonable part time job than you would be able to cover your living expenses for Russia. Thanks
  9. Hi Ribbtes team. I am interested to enrol into the 6-month intensive language course of HSE Moscow ( I am wondering if I am eligible to get a work permit if I study there. I am worried because this is only a 6-month language course and not a full degree program. The HSE website said it is a "full time course." Can you please confirm if I can get a work permit with this course? I want to make sure will not violate any Russian law just in case. Also, I am glad to have found your website. It is very helpful for prospective students like me. Thank you.
    • Natalia
      Dear Sam , Thanks for your message, Russian Language is not a full time degree program . It is a "course". Work permit is issued on the full time degree program. Like a masters degree or bachelors degree. You can join the degree and than get the work permit. We would be glad to offer you full consultancy on this matter . Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email
  10. hello, I wamt to study in russsia but iam not know how to apply for invitation for admission.
    • Natalia
      Dear Ghosh, Our Process is very simple , you can see the - steps on our main page here : Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email
  11. Actually i wish to do my masters in english taught teaching method but i know a preparatory year can give me much knowledge in Russian language and culture. so i am bit confused if i take preparatory course will i be able to start my masters in english rather than Russian straight way after finishing.
    • Natalia
      Dear Soyaeeb Siddique,This is a very good question and very useful point that you have asked us . Let me guide you that you can take the masters degree in English Medium even after attending the full preparatory session, As in Russia, speaking Russian Language is very important , that is why we always recommend our students for taking the language course first . Please send us your full student application here : We will be glad to proceed your case further.
  12. Please i want you to explain to me the status of Russian Education Center. Are they accredited to admit international students because i just received an admission letter to one of the Universities in Russia from them.
    • Natalia
      Hello BOBO, which specific university are you talking about ?
  13. hey ribttes team! I want to know the tution fee range of mbbs[for my sister] & bba in russia If I go there for study bba, can I get part time work permit? if yes,will it be enough to afford my tution fee? plz reply!
    • Natalia
      Dear Namira, for MBBS in Russian , the fee range is around 3500 to 4000 USD in big cities and reputed universities ... whereas it is 8000 to 10000 USD for English Medium Education in Moscow .... For BBA , the cost of education is only 4500 to 5000 USD in English Medium and big cities and reputed universities. This is a veru big mis-conception about Russia , that student can earn a whole amount of Tuition fee as a part time work. If you seriously want to excel in good professional degrees then you must focus on your studies as full time student. The part time student jobs should only be done to earn living support in Russia. Please fill our student form : We would be glad to process your admission and guide your further, Best Regards, Natalia
  14. Respected , I am Tanvir and I completed BSc in computer science and Eng. After that I so interested to study in film making and for that reason I went to malysia for Visual Effects course then I felt I didn't feel comfortable and it's not so releatec to my own interest that's why I back to my country without complete this course . Is that possible for me to directly enroll film making course in russia in emgish with resonable tution fees and what's that ?
    • Natalia
      Dear student Tanvir, There are countless film making courses in our best state universities. However the medium of teaching is Russian Language. Our universities offer 1 year Russian Preparatory Course to all the foreign students, that prepare them to study in Russian Medium. Russia is a culturally rich country and millions of foreign students come to study here, we expect that Russia will surely amaze you. Please fill the student application to apply online
  15. Sir i want to study in Russia in city of cheboksry Becouse my friend is there and i also want to study there !!can you help me
    • Natalia
      Dear Student Muhammad,Thank you for contacting to RIBTTES. Cheboksry is a very small city of Russia . and we are currently working in the Cities of Moscow - Saint Petersburg and Ukhta only , We can provide all the full student packages in these cities . there are many young fellows from Pakistan , India and Bangladesh who are coming to Saint Petersburg,You can see our recent students from your country here : have admissions open in the city of Saint Petersburg, we will be happy to guide you further.
  16. Good day, I am opportune to come across this site, I am interested to study a masters program in Russia by Fall. I want to enroll in the English medium course in one of this institution most especially Federal University Ural I want to know the requirements that I need for the admission as well as the processing cost. Thanks in anticipation
    • Natalia
      Thank you Gabriel, as we had spoken with you on LIVE chat support, you can simply send the online student application here only need the scanned passport page of information + scanned copies of educational documents to start your process. More details, you can find here
  17. Hello, I got admission in cherkizovo pushkinsky moskovskaya oblast region. I am interested to know is it easy to get good part time job in that region or is it easy to get job in Moscow city and travel daily? Thanks
    • Natalia
      Dear Adeel,We do not have your complete details, whether you are coming on preparatory course or degree program. Regarding part time work, not every university allow their international student to work part time on preparatory. So it better for you to ask directly to your university about the permission to work If you are coming on degree program, then you can easily apply for the work permit, as mentioned in the post above. Secondly, we don't know your university name so we can not give you the exact the traveling time but generally the distance of cherkizovo pushkinsky moskovskaya region to Moscow is around 2 hours.And thirdly, yes off course big cities have more opportunity than small cities. We wish you best of luck!
  18. Are there any hours available for international students in Russia for part-time work? What is the amount paid per hour?
    • Alena Lavrova
      Dear Ruchira, Yes you can work part-time on your degree program in Russia. Generally hours are not specified. It depends on your class schedule and your university that how much they allow you to work with your class schedule. Generally speaking, the per day wage rate is around 800 RUB to 1000 RUB.
  19. Is it possible to work full time during vacation months ? If yes, whether such work shall be carried in the same city of education or work in other cities is also possible ? Please explain in detail. :)
    • Natalia
      Dear Student,If university allow you then you can work full time on vacation , but I am afraid to say that you can not work out side the city of your registration according to the law. Regards, Team RIBTTES
  20. Simply to follow up on the up-date of this topic on your web page and would really want to let you know how much I prized the time you took to generate this valuable post.Within the post, you spoke regarding how to actually handle this challenge with all ease. It would be my personal pleasure to get some more concepts from your web site and come up to offer other people what I have learned from you. I appreciate your usual terrific effort.
    • Natalia
      Thank you Noreen for your kind words
  21. Hello, I'm from Bangladesh, I'm studying in kazan national research technical university in Russian language course. Can I get part time job.?
    • Natalia
      For that you need to obtain permission from your university. Generally the students are not allowed to work in Russia on the preparatory course.
  22. Hi. I want to know that how much cost of living (per month) required for a single student including private single room seperate accomodation in moscow or saint petersberg.? Regards
    • Natalia
      Hello Ammar ,Please see the details here :
  23. hi, i want to know how much cost russian language course which offers fo one year in arkhangelsky city? please reply me to my email thank you for hearing my speech sencerly dear
    • Natalia
      Please see your email
  24. Hello, I hope to come st Petersburg Russia in this December for 1 year Russian language course. Can I do part time job?
    • Natalia
      Dear Sanjeewani,Most of the universities allow to work part time. the student must have a valid job offer in Russia for obtaining the work permit.
  25. hello dear natalia i want to start russian language cours and i want know exactly how much i shuold have with my self and also i want to know can i work there while i am taking russian class for like as worker in shop or jobs like this to earn some monye toafford my self thanks dear....
  26. Hellow my dear how possible after completing course student visa change to work visa...??
    • Natalia
      Dear Hassan ,The student visa cannot be converted into the work visa, please read more details here :
  27. hi Ma'am, I am an Retail Experienced personal from India. i want to pursue Russian language course , which will give me work permits also, for managing my expenses, also after that i want to have a carrier in Russia also post completion of the course, can you please guide me on this.Regards Gajraj
    • Natalia
      Dear Gajraj, Please send your Online Student Application here : you!
  28. Tell me the cheapest government college fees for language courses. Tell about the college in which I can work with study.thankyou
    • Natalia
      Dear Ranjit singh,The cheapest Russian Language Programs starts from USD 1900 .Step - 1 : Fill this Online Application Form and attach your passport and educational documents in the application : - 2 : After submitting the application form, wait for the reply of our team member for confirmation. We will check your applications in 2 - 3 working days and then we will guide you to register further for getting visa invitation letter.Step - 3: After you pay registration fee, you will get the Visa invitation in about 2 months.Step - 4 : Get visa from Russian Embassy and Pay all other charges after visaCheck our 9 - steps of Visa Process are waiting to receive your Online Student Application here :
  29. Dear Natalia, I am planning to come to Russia for study purpose. I just want to know that can I work part time on a preparatory course leading to a full time degree. just to cover my living expense. and secondly how much fee do I need to pay for a preparatory course?
    • Natalia
      Dear Hashim ,the average living expense for the student is about USD 200 and ye sthe students generally do students jobs to cover up their living expenses. The Tuition fee for the preparatory course is about USD 2500
      • Okay. Thank you so much for the information. I am planning to start the process in September this year.

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