New year 2018 in Russia, lets celebrate the new year eve in Russia!

The Coming New Year Eve! Welcome 2018 in Russia 

New Year in Russia, new year eve

New Year in Russia

The most awaited time when clocks strike to 2018! This beautiful and exotic tourist destination of the world, will welcome millions of its guests to the New year 2018.

Celebrations of New Year Eve in Moscow

New year eve in Russia is the night, full of festivities and charms.The whole week is celebrated as the national holiday in Russia. It is the time when all the Russians, along with millions of tourist welcome the new year with the celebrations of Christmas.

Traditional Russian dishes for Christmas !

Moscow is the largest city and tourist center of Russia. Celebrations of new year in Moscow are the most grandiose event of the year. Fireworks in Moscow lighten up the city at midnight.

Happy new year,new year eve

New year celebrations in Red Square, Moscow Russia

The frozen city of Moscow presents a spectacular view with these fireworks in Red square. The amazing nightlife of Russia spice up your plans. The new year parties continue in hundreds of luxurious bars, night clubs, discos, restaurants and hotels in Russia.

New year in Russia, Travel to Russia, new year eve

New year parties in Russian Clubs

New Year Eve in St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is the second largest tourist destination of Russia. It is called the cultural capital of Russia with hundreds of famous places to visit in Russia! Along with these attractions, the new year eve in St. Petersburg has its own timeless charm! The whole city gathers to celebrate and enjoy the fireworks in Palace square.

Fireworks in Palace Square, new year eve

New year Eve and Fireworks in Palace Square, St Petersburg Russia

Celebration of New year in Cities of Russia

All other cities of Russia also have their local  and traditional celebrations for the new year. Whole cities and national monuments are decorated for new year.Where people take a break from their routines and welcome the new era of time together.

New year celebrations in Kazan, Russia, new year eve

New year Celebrations in Kazan, Russia

We wish all our clients and visitors a happy and prosperous New Year ahead! 

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