Whats True and Whats False ? Myths and Truths about Russia

Whats True and Whats False ? Lets read about the Myths and Truths about Russia!

They are so many old sayings about Russian people. Russian people have very unique habits and nature. Russian culture is famous around the world for being very traditional. On visit to Russia, people discover so many fascinating things about Russia. And then, they share their experiences in their own style.  With time, these experiences become myths and truths about Russia.

Let us share some very popular myths and truths about Russia. And their reality!

Myths and Truths about Russia! Do Russians have problems with Americans?

Myths and Truths about Russia

russia vs America

It is a very common myth about hating American. This is totally wrong. like American fashion, trends, movies and music. They actually love American culture.

All spies are Russians

You may have seen many the Russian characters as spies in movies. But in reality, Russians are not spies. There are secret service workers, but this is not different from any other country.

Russians are rude to strangers

Actually it's not a myths. It's about the cultural values of Russians! They believe that courteous smiles are the pure expression of love. And  should be shared with the near ones only.  So you may find unknown Russian rude, but try talking to them. You will be amazed by their welcoming nature.

Winters in Russia, Climate of Russia

Monastery in the winter

Russia is cold

Well this is somehow true! Russian cities become deadly freezing in winters, the temperature drops to -70 in Siberian regions. But you can easily manage this with good collection of warm clothing, special Russian fur and vodka shots.

Russian women are attracted to older men

Some Americans and Westerners may find this odd that a Russian women can easily marry a man 15- 20 years older than her. It is true and quite normal in Russia.

Men are less in number as compared to women in Russia. So finding a right match is little difficult for Russian women. Families prefer settled people to marry their daughter. This may bring age gaps between bride and groom.

Professional woman, Women in corporate world, Myths and Truths about Russia

Russian Business Women

Russians don't discuss their religion

It is one of  very famous myths and truths about Russia. Surprisingly, it is True as well!. Russia has a rich religious blend.  Orthodox, Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheist, you can find everyone here.  But Russians are highly accommodating and they usually don't discuss their religious identities with each other.

Russians cannot adopt western culture

Russians are trendy people but the new generation is somehow inspired by Western culture. You will find many Russians speaking English and following westernized culture in modern cities.

Russian Drinks, Things to Do in Russia, Myths and Truths about Russia

Man pouring Russian vodka

Russian are alcohol addicted

Rather, it's better to say like that Russians are alcohol immune. Even after drinking so much of vodka and beer, you would hardly find them drunk. It like alcohol run in their veins instead of blood!

Going Russia is difficult

This is an old times famous saying that going to Russia is impossible. It was probably because of the far distant areas. But today, modern transportation and government rules has made it very easy.

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