Moscow Kremlin is the top attraction of Russia

Remarkable historical monument and Iconic Architecture in Moscow Russia

Beautiful view, Moscow Kremlin

Panorama View of Moscow Kremlin


Interesting facts about Moscow Kremlin

Moscow Kremlin is the most ancient part of Moscow. It is the main political, spiritual and religious and historical art complex of center of the capital of Russia. The place also serves as the official residence of Russian President.  It is the main tourist sight of the city.

  • The existing walls and towers were constructed in 1485.
  • Total length of walls is 2235 meters. Their height is from 5 to 19 meters with the thickness of 3.5 to 6.5 meters.
  • The complex of the Kremlin represents the wrong triangle of 27,5 hectares.
  • 20 towers are located along he walls of the Kremlin.
Night View of the Kremlin from the Moscow River, Moscow Kremlin

Night View of the Kremlin from the Moscow River.

Monuments to visit in Moscow Kremlin

Spasskaya tower  is the highest tower here. It has height of 71 meter. Since 1955 the Kremlin is open for visit, having become an open-air museum.

The first stone of Moscow Kremlin appeared in Moscow in 1367, during Dimitry Donskoy's board. The modern look of  Kremlin was given  in the XVII century. There are many historical monuments on the territory of Moscow Kremlin. It was opened for tourist excursions in 1955.

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Moscow Kremlin, beautiful reflection in Moskva river reflection

One of the well-known buildings of the Moscow Kremlin is the Lenin Mausoleum. The first Mausoleum was wooden. The modern building of Mausoleum was built in 1930.

The ancient monasteries of Chudov and Voznesensky  were demolished in 1929. A military school was constructed on their places.

The Spassky Gate is main entrance to the Kremlin. It is from the East side turned to the Red Square and opposite to St. Basil's Cathedral.

Remarkable history monument and architecture, Moscow Kremlin

Remarkable history monument and architecture in Moscow Kremln

One of the biggest building here is Grand Kremlin Palace (1838-1849). It is facing the famous Moskva River.

The western wing of the palace is occupied by Armory (1844-1851). It is one of the biggest Moscow museum.The Tsar Bell is next main attraction here. It is the biggest bell in the world. Its weight is about 200 tons.

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River Cruise and Firework on Moskva river in Moscow, Russia

Assumption cathedral is the oldest of the remained buildings of Moscow. It was constructed in 1474-1479.The first Soviet government moved to Moscow in 1918. And moved their center to the Kremlin.

The architectural complex of Moscow Kremlin is included in the list of World heritage sites and is under the protection of UNESCO.

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