Modernization of Education in Russia

Modernization of Education in Russia, From Traditional System to Bologna Process in Russia

All of us are generally familiar with the common system of secondary, higher secondary, bachelors and masters system of tertiary education.  But the traditional system of education in Russia was totally different from most of the European countries and American states. With increased globalization,  Russian universities also started to change to align themselves with European standard system of education.

Here is an overview of modernization of education in Russia from their traditional setup!

Traditional System of Education in Russia

Traditionally, the tertiary or university system of education in Russia was designed to get specialist degree in any discipline. Specialist degree was considered as a complete professional qualification, required for all types of professional practices. It usually took 5 to 6 years to a student to complete its higher studies and specialist degree in Russia.

Modern System of Education in Russia

Bologna Process

Bologna Process, education in Russia

Bologna Process

Bologna Process, it’s the name commonly used for synchronization and modernization of education in Europe. The process was started in 1999. As a pact among the European countries. Today 47 European countries are following this standard system of Bologna process. The main aim is to standardize the complete system of education in Europe. Bologna process defines the higher education in mainly three steps of undergraduate, graduate and post graduate studies as:

  • Bachelor Degree ( 4 years)
  • Master Degree  (2 years )
  • Doctorate/ Ph.D. (Research  Degree, 4 to 5 years )

Modernization  Education in Russia

Bologna process was practically started in 2007 in Russia. This is known as the major reason in the modernization of Russian education  system. It has greatly affected the international repute of Russian universities.  This system of education in Russia has highly boosted the educational developments and international collaborations in Russia.

Russian Qualified Professionals, education in Russia

Russian Qualified Professionals

However, the bachelor’s degree holders still have to face strong market competition among the classic specialist degree holders. So continuing your master’s degree in Russia is really important to have healthy professional prospects.

Today, all the best Russian universities have standardized themselves with the European system of education in Russia. This has made the admission process very easy for international students in Russia. Hundreds of Russian universities have now opened their gates to about 46 European countries.

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