The Mesmerizing Journey of Trans Siberian Railways

Plan your trip of  Trans Siberian Railways and Explore Russia in the most Classic way!

Imagine yourself traveling in the most classic train of the world. Trip to Russia in Trans Siberian railways is a life time experience. With its historic significance and countless special attractions of Russia on its journey, Trans Siberian railways will change your whole concept of traveling in traditional trains!

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Journey of Trans Siberian Railways

Interesting Facts about Trans-Siberian Railways

Here are some interesting facts about Trans-Siberian railways of Russia.

  • Trans-Siberian railways is the longest railway line of the world. It has the length of 9,289 km or 5,772 miles.
  • Trans-Siberian railways was mainly developed as a freight transportation system in 1890.
  • Trans-Siberian railways connects European Russian areas to its Far East and Siberian regions.
  • Its primary rail track start from Moscow (From Yaroslavsky Vokzal  station) and ends at Vladivostok
  • Trans-Siberian railways is connecting three countries to Russia. It is connected to China, Mongolia and North Korea through Trans-Mongolian line and Trans-Manchurian railway lines.
  • 30% of Russian exports goods are transported through this railway line.
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Luxury Compartment of the Trans Siberian Railways

Famous Attractions on the Journey of Trans Siberian Railways

There are countless small towns, natural and historic sites on the thousands of miles journey of Trans - Siberian Railways.These beautiful cities of Russia are the major stopovers on the route of Trans-Siberian railways. Click to explore more on the tourist attractions of these cities.

Church of Russian Old Believers in Ulan-Ude. Altai Mountains in Omsk Region.  Zolotoy Rog Bridge in Vladivostok. Church of Elijah in Yaroslavl. Lenin Square and Far East Military Museum in Khabarovsk are the famous attractions to enjoy on your trip of trans- Siberian railways.

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The view of beautiful Altai Mountain in Russia

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Monument of Trans Siberian Railways in Vladivostok

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