Masters Degree in Russia

Masters Degree Programs in Russia

Study in Russia, masters degree

Study in Russia

Education in Russia is of world’s best quality. Higher study in Russia provides you a best quality education with highly competent teaching  process. Masters Degree in Russia offers a complete professional support and guidance. And it is inexpensive compare to famous countries considered for education in the world.

So why not afford quality education at affordable price! Here are some briefs for you, about the masters degree programs in Russia.

Masters Degree Program in Russia

Students with 4 years  Bachelor’s degree are eligible for a Magistr’s (Master’s) degree program in Russia. The master degree is awarded after 2 year. This includes practical and research work as well.

Popular Courses for Masters Degree in Russia

Russian education for foreigners offers several courses, like:

Best Universities for Masters Degree  in Russia

Moscow State University(MSU) is the world’s top university to pick for your Masters Program.  Other top universities in Russia are Saint Petersburg State University Russia and National Research Universities of Russia.

Research Scholars in Russia, masters degree

Research Scholars in Russia

Annual Fee for International Students

Russian education for foreigners is affordable. The fees varies with the choice of your programs and universities. However, average fee for masters degree in Russia is about $2650 to $7450 .

Jobs After Masters degree in Russia

Study in Russia with a Masters degree, not only builds your  career but also improves your employment prospectus. Russia is the country with very high employment rate. And there is a  fast growing demand for master’s graduates in their largest cities like Moscow and St Petersburg.

So! take every opportunity that comes your way. Explore more for the admission process in Russia here. Or contact us for any time for making your study plans into reality!

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