Celebration of Maslenitsa festival in Russia

Maslentisa festival is a religious celebration. It is one of the most joy able and colorful festivals in Russia. It is celebrated a week before the Orthodox Great Lent or the Great Fast before Easter. It is celebrated as ‘Cheese fare week’. This religious celebration is celebrated among the Eastern orthodox communities of Russia, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

This year Maslelenitsa festival 2015 was celebrated from 8th February to 15th February.

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Straw girl portrayed as Kostroma Godess in Maslenitsa festival

Celebrations of Maslenitsa Festival

The festival week has many rituals and colorful activities to be performed on each day.

It is a  Christian and Pagan faith festival. Various traditions found about the originality of this festival. During the Soviet Era this Festival was restricted to be celebrated on state level. But people still celebrated this locally with all of its preparations during that time. The celebration week is divided into different activities as per the local culture and civilization of the area.

Observation of Fasting

In the week of festival people of orthodox communities observe fasting from meat. The dairy products that include milk and cheese are not prohibited to eat during this week.

Bliny is the most important food item for this festival. They are the specially made pancakes with butter eggs and milk.  The round shapes of blinies shows the God of Sun.

Russian Breads, Maslenitsa festival

Blini is the special breads prepared in Maslenitsa fesival

Games in the Russian Festival

Some games such as snowfall riding, fighting and other similar sports activities are played during the festival.

Kostroma Godess is made by straws in the festival. Brightly dressed, the straw figure is burned as a ritual for  improving the fertility of soil.

Forgiveness Day of the Festival

The last day or Sunday of the festival is observed as Forgiveness Day. On this day people seek forgiveness from each other. People try to forgive each other as a holy duty associated with the festival.

Maslenitsa festival is observed in other parts of world where people from Russia, other central Asian states and Bulgaria are situated. It is considered as an official day associated with the Russia nationalism and culture.

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