Legal Status of Foreigners

What is the Legal Status of Foreigners in Russia ?

Foreigners have equal rights in Russia along with the locals. Sometimes federal government of Russia also puts certain conditions and limitations on foreigners in Russia. Then in such special cases, foreigners have to abide by these conditions. The Russian Government approved the latest federal laws for the protection of foreigners on 10  July 2002.  Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia deals with the legal status of foreigners in Russia.

While moving to Russia, there are some of the general points that you should know about the legal status of foreigners in Russia.

What foreigners can do in Russia!

legal status of foreigners

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    • Foreigners have to abide by the Russian laws. A foreigner found guilty, is liable to the federal laws of Russia.
    • As a foreigner, you can apply for the temporary stay permit in Russia. Government allows for a maximum time period of three years to stay temporarily in Russia.
    • Temporary stay permission is given to you if you have invested in Russia, married to a Russian nation or having a disabled Russian parent.
    • As a foreigner, your temporary stay permission can be extended to the permanent stay of five years. You need to give legal reasons and application to the MFA.
    • Foreigners in Russia are allowed to freely move inside the boundaries of Russian Federation.
    • Foreigners in Russia can choose the businesses, jobs and trade  opportunities of  their own choices, unless restricted by Russian federal laws.

What foreigners cannot do in Russia!

These are some main things that you are not allowed to do with the legal status of foreigners in Russia.

    • Foreigners cannot stay after the allowed stay period. They have to immediately leave the Russian Federation on the day when their visa expires.
    • As a foreigner, you can do the Russian government jobs, municipal job, civil aircraft commander, can be a crew member of Russian war ship and any other job restricted by federal laws for foreigners.
    • Foreigners cannot apply for military services.
    • Foreigners who are living temporarily in Russia cannot take part in the government election procedure.
    • The permanent foreign residents of Russia can take part in the elections of federal and local governments  under the laws specified by Russian government.
    • Foreigners are not allowed visit the closed areas of Russia. These areas are restricted by government  because of security concerns.

(Subject to the specific conditions of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia )

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