The Lake Baikal in Russia

The Beauty of world's deepest lake Baikal in Russia

Scenic Beauty of Russia Lake Baikal in Russia, Lake Baikal

Scenic Beauty of Russia Lake Baikal in Russia

Lake Baikal — The largest Fresh Water Resource 

Lake Baikal – a natural monument which is included in the list of the World's natural heritage of UNESCO. It is one of the most beautiful and purest places on Earth. Territorially the lake is located in the south of Eastern Siberia. And lies in between the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Buryatia. Age of Lake Baikal 25-30 million years, this is one of the most ancient lakes on the earth.

Lake Baikal  in Numbers

Here are the quick facts about Lake Baikal

  • Age - 25-30 million years.
  • Length - 636 km.
  • Width - from 25 to 80 km.
  • The maximum depth - 1637 m, average depth - 731 m.
  • Coastline length - more than 2000 km.
  • Contains  more than 1000 species of plants.
  • Contains more than 50 species of fish.
  • Contains more than 2500 animal species.
Beautiful Lake Baikal in Russia, Lake Baikal

Beautiful Lake Baikal in Russia


Lake Baikal is the largest storage of fresh water in the world. 20% of world reserves of surface fresh waters are concentrated in this lake. It is having a huge variety of the plants and animals living in it. There are 2565 subspecies of animals, 1000 types, subspecies and forms of water plants registered in the lake .

Lake Baikal - The world's oldest and deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal

Lake Baikal - The world's oldest and deepest freshwater lake

Baikal also gets in number of the largest lakes of the world. It has the length of 636 km and its water smooth surface stretches in the area of 3.15 million hectares.  Baikal water is having an amazing transparency. Its separate subjects are visible at a depth up to 40 m.

Baikal Lake A magical place on Earth!

Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia, Lake Baikal

Frozen Lake Baikal in Siberia, Russia

Lake Baikal - the deepest lake of the planet Earth. Its depth reaches 1642 meters. In the winter the lake almost completely freezes.  And by the end of winter thickness of ice reaches 1-2 meters. There are 27 islands on the lake. Olkhon island is the largest one.

Baikal- A Must place to visit in Russia

Lake Baikal ,Places to Visit in Russia, Attractions in Russia

Listvianka Settlement in Lake Baikal

There are some curative hot spring on coast of Lake Baikal . The natural beauty of the lake remained untouched by a human. The natural environment of Baikal strikes with the beauty, extensive woods, the richest fauna and flora, glacial lakes, canyons. Baikal is a place to be visited again and again.

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