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Are you thinking about why should you invest in Russia?

Facts about Russia

Before moving on, have a look at some facts about Russia and its economy. These facts are  in comparison with the world. It will help you understand why should you invest in Russia.

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Invest in Russia and become part of its growing economy.

One of the fastest growing economy of the world.

Some related figures

The overall economy has boosted in the past 15 years. It has given Russia sustainability in the world. Big names of the world are looking for avenues to invest in Russia. Here’s a light on some of it economic figures

Economic Indiicators of Russia

Russian government’s program “Invest in Russia”

In 2014 Russian government initiated a program "invest in Russia". They did it to facilitate people willing to do investment in Russia. The program focuses on:

  • Promote experience of foreign investors.
  • Identify more regions for investment in Russia.
  • Gather information about different opportunities.
  • Coordinate with federal and regional authorities.
  • Make new announcements to invest in Russia.
  • Inform about resources for funds.
  • Provide project support to investors.

To stay more connected they have launched website too. It is an interactive platform for people interested to invest in Russia.

Russian direct investment fund

In June 2011, Russian direct investment fund was established. An amount of $10 million was allocated for this fund. Its purpose was to co-invest in high growth sectors. It made foreign investors feel more secured and comfortable to invest in Russia.

Assurance to those who would like to invest in Russia

Russian federation provides foreign investors a set of regulations. These regulations are as constructive to them as local investors. The regulation includes a range of assurance such as:

  • Investors’ activities protection.
  • Free to conduct any investment.  The investment should not be restricted by the Russian law.
  • They can transfer their rights and earnings.
  • Protects investors from unfavorable changes in the law.
  • Investors may attain shares of Russian registered companies.
  • Export the initially imported property/documents.
  • Own property related to their business.It can be real estate or any other resource.
Invest in Russia

International business center of Moscow.

Forms to invest in Russia

You can invest in any of the following forms:

  • In making straight investment in the capital of Russian companies.
  • In developing a business company in Russian premises.
  • In establishing a foreign company branch.
  • By carrying out charter of equipment. Here investors are owners in Russian territory.
  • In making capital investments. It is an investment into fixed assets. It includes new construction, expansion, and renovation. Purchase of machinery also comes under it.
  • Purchase of shares by an investor. This is trading with collateral. It is done under agreements on production and profit division.

Which industries you should invest in Russia?

You can invest in the following economic zones:

  • Industrial and production
  • Engineering and technical implementation
  • Tourism and recreational industry
  • Ports and shipping
Various economic zones in Russia

Invest in Russia and become part of the 6th largest economy of the world

Now if you are planning on making foreign investments, you must invest in Russia. It has a fastest growing economy and highly protective laws.

Russia provides you with many avenues to invest in. Learn more about planning your visit to Russia and make a plan fast!

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