International Bureau of Education in Russia

The Role of UNESCO International Bureau of Education in Russia.

International Bureau of Education UNESCO

International Bureau of Education UNESCO

International Bureau of Education (IBE) was founded in 1925 as a non-governmental organization. It is the UNESCO organization. It works for educational purposes with its systems and structures.

The general mission of IBE is to help the achievement of value Education for All (EFA). The IBE constructs systems to impart skill on educational module advancement in all areas of the world. It intends to present innovative methodologies in educational module. They are encouraging universal dialog on arrangements and practices of educational system and policies around the world.

Workings of International Bureau of Education in Russia

The IBoE Russia works on making standard of education in Russia. And improvising new methodologies of education.This includes new courses, outlines and even new methods of teaching and learning.

Standards of education in Russia are improving now. As Russian universities are more concerned on meeting international standards of IBE along with the other developed countries of the world.

International collaborations of International Bureau of Education

The International Bureau of Education works under the umbrella of UNESCO. They are working with countless academic institutes and research centers around the world. They implement projects with non-governmental organizations. And provides the options of learning experiences as well.

IBE has started working with local academics institutions since 2011. They offer diploma courses in curriculum design and development. IBE has decided to expand these courses to all UNESCO regions till 2017.

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