National Holidays in Russia

Celebrations of National Holidays in Russia and Public Day in Russia

Russians are the nation who love to celebrate each and every single event in the life. Full of colors, playful activities, beautiful cultural rituals, traditional food and dresses, you will always find Russians celebrating life. Many religious, regional, local and republican holidays are celebrated in Russia.

The official and national holidays in Russia are celebrated around the  country. On your trip to Russia, you will find these Russian days as most celebrated official events in the country!

National Holidays in Russia

With so many local and public days of importance, whole country celebrates the following national days as official holidays in Russia.

  • New Year holiday in Russia

New year in Russia is celebrated as a most splendid event in the country. Five days holidays are observed in the country from 1st January to 5th January.

  • Christmas holidays in Russia

Christmas is among the biggest celebrations in the country. Majority of Russians celebrate orthodox Christmas. The whole country enjoy Orthodox Christmas on January 7 with three days holidays from 6th to 8th January.

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The religious prayer and celebrations of Orthodox Christmas in Russia

  • Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia

February 23rd is celebrated as the Defender of the Fatherland Day in Russia. This day is celebrated to honor Armed forces of Russia.

  • International Women's Day in Russia

Russians recognize the worlds International women's day on 8th March. Women are acknowledged for their importance in the society and the day is observed as a national holidays in Russia.

  • National Flag Day in Russia

National flag day in Russia is observed on 22nd August every day. This to celebrate the national pride

Russian celebrate the international labor day on 1st March as national holidays in Russia. Many local and community parades are arranged to honor the hard work and rights of labors.

A national Russian holiday and a military parade is held every year on 9th May to celebrate the victory of Russian on Germans in 1945. Fireworks display is the most splendid vision on the event.

Russian Holidays, holidays in Russia

People celebrating their National holidays in Russia

Its the official Russia's Independence Day. The whole national celebrate Russia Day, every year on June 12th. This is to commemorate Russia's independence from USSR on June 12th, 1990.

  • Unity Day in Russia

National Unity day or national Consolidation Day is celebrated as National holidays in Russia on 4th November. The national celebrations are held to pay tribute to the leadership of Dmitry Pozharsky and  Kuzma Minin. These two leaders saved Russian sovereignty from Polish attacks in 17th century.

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