Guide for International Students to Study in Russia

A Basic Guide for International Students 

Foreign Students in Russia, Guide for international students to study in Russia

Foreign Students in Russia

Making your plans to study in Russia? Thinking of what important stuff and advice you need for going there?

Well preparation is the most important phase for visiting a place. We have arranged some of the guidance tips for your trip to study in Russia. Always keep them in your mind and they would surely make your education in Russia, a wonderful learning trip!

A General Student Guide To Russia

Plan your Visa to study in Russia

Russian Visa Assistance, Study in Russia, Guide for international students to study in Russia

Russian Visa Assistance

The student visa application form is needed to apply for the student visa in Russia. This needs your valid passport, passport size picture, formal invitation letter from Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Confirmation of payment to Russian university, Student contract with Russian university, your educational certificates and Medical certificate for HIV test.

You should start collecting these documents for about three months before the starting of your study in Russia.

Plan your Financials to study in Russia

Price hikes are very much famous in Russia. Every year, the prices for commodities increase from 10% to 20%. So you should properly plan for your financials for the complete time of study in Russia.

The first step is to find out the cost of student life in Russia and then plan your expense according to your priority. Don't expect to live in the same expense in Russia that you are spending in your home country.

Always Keep your documents 

International Student ID card, Study in Russia

International Student ID card

Well, they are the most important belongings of yours in Russia. Your passport, International Student Identification Card and Russian university student cards are the official documents to save you from the routine checking and investigations of Russian police while you study in Russia.

Learn Russian Language 

Learning basic Russian language is very important there. As Russians are not much familiar with English language. Lot of universities also offers the basic Russian courses along with their curriculum in the first semester. Centers for international students also offer many courses for Russian language.

Know all about Russians

Russian Cultural Celebrations

Russian Cultural Celebrations

Russians are unique in their living style. Russian Culture, Russian Food, Russian Society, everything has its own charm and very much different from a peculiar American and European traditions.

Staying in Russia for a long time, needs you to know very well about them and caring about their cultural norms!

Get more details here on study in Russia and your student visa assistance for Russia.

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