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Academic grading system to study in Russia is different from the western grading system. This is one of the most important concerns of students who want to study in Russia. Russian grading system has mainly two types. Points based system and the one is general education in Russia. In general education system, student is only graded in the category of  pass and fail. This system is used for the general education in Russia.

With the modernization in Russian education system, most of the Russian universities are also following general European grading system.

Here are the details on how you will be graded while you study in Russia!

General Grading System to Study in Russia 

The academic learning are graded on points based system in Russia as compared to the A- B- C or alpha beta grading system of the west.

Generally, the Russian academic grading system ranges from 5 points to 1 point. There details are:

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Students in training course in Russia

    • 5- Excellent (To grade the best students of all, highest level of achievement)
    • 4- Good (To show the good understandings of the subject)
    • 3- Satisfactory (To show the satisfactory knowledge of the subject)
    • 2- Unsatisfactory (To show that the student ha insufficient knowledge of the subject)
    • 1- Very Poor (To show the failure, worst level of achievement)

However, schools and institutes define their own criteria and marking thresholds for this point based system.

Higher Education Grading System to Study in Russia

Students are generally graded on Pass/Not Pass system in higher education subjects. The Russian term "zachòt” meanings “credited” . This is used to show that a student has passed the course to continue his study in Russia.

This is a pass or fails system, with no relative grading among the students.

Modern Grading System in Russia

Traditional grading system of Russia is under revisions as the part of Bologna Process.  This process aims to standardize the educational system in European countries. So, many Russian universities are also after the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). ECTS is designed by European Commission.It has defined marking thresholds for this 5 point grading system.

    • 5 points for the top 10% students (or Grade A)
    • 4 points for the next 25% students (or Grade B)
    • 3 points for the next 30% students (or Grade C)
    • 2 points for the next 25% students (or Grade D)
    • 1 point for the lowest 10% students (or Grade E)

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