Facts about the City of Sevastopol

Sevastopol, New Federal City of Russia! Here is the history and important facts.

Sevestopol is the most beautiful and developed city along the Black Sea and Crimean peninsula. It is also known as Sebastopol. It is the city of federal importance in Russian federation after Moscow and St. Petersburg. It was designated as Federal city of Russia after the  joining of Republic of Crimea with Russia on March 18, 2014

The city is famous for its strategical and political importance as the base of Soviet Navy and Russian Black sea fleet.

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Monument of Sunkun Sips in Sevastopol

About the City

The city has the population of about 379,200 people ( 2007 data). It has the area of 864km². Distance between Sevestopol and Moscow is about 920 miles.

The government of Sevastopol is ruled by city governor.  It has 9 Okrugs and a town of Inkerman, as its municipal divisions. The city has pleasant climate. Average temperature in winters is about 7 C and stays at the average of 20C in summers.

History of Sevastopol

This city was founded in 1783 as a navy base for Russia and then Soviet Union. After the dissolution of Soviet union, this city become the part of Ukraine. Sevestopol become the part of Russia again after signing a treaty of accession on March 18, 2014.

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Panorama Museum in Sevastopol

Education in Sevastopol

The city is the center of education for Crimea region. It is known for Naval trainings of Ukrainian and Russian fleets. Sevastopol National Technical University and
Sevastopol State Technical University are the most famous universities of the city.

Economy of Sevastopol

Being a port city,  Sevastopol serves as the trade center for  fishing, machines and food industry. It is also famous for its plastics, furniture and bricks manufacturing.

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Beautiful city of Savestopol Russia

Tourism in Sevastopol

The city is famous for the beaches and resorts of Black sea. The places is filled with many tourists, specially in the summers.

The Monument of Sunken Ships  Savestopol, Church of the Black Sea Flee., Chersonesus Cathedral, The Inkerman Monastery of St. Clement, Baydar gate, Foros Church,the beaches of Fiolent Promontory,  Cembalo Fortress, Naval History Museum for Black Sea Fleet History Museum are the most famous attractions of the city.

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