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The  Saint Petersburg metro is the deepest subway in the world. It is the most northern subway in Russia. The subway's most northern station is in Parnas. Its most western station is in Primorskaya.

Avtovo station photo by Alex Florstein, Saint Petersburg metro

Avtovo station photo by Alex Florstein

The Saint Petersburg metro (subway) takes the 12th place in the world.

It is the Russia's second subway after Moscow. It opened 20 years later after capital's metro i.e. in 1955.

Total length of lines of the Saint Petersburg metro (subway) is 113,538 km.

In the city of Leningrad, there is a monument to Lenin. The station of "Ploshad Lenina" station is on the lenin square. the station was opened on june1, 1958. It is located on the second line of the metro between Ploshchad Vosstaniya and Ploshchad Lenina.

Some Key Facts about st. Petersburg metro

  • Average depth of the subway is 57 meters. The Admiralteiskaya station has a depth of 102 meters. It is the deepest station of Russia.
  • The Saint Petersburg metro keeps a historic record since November 15, 1955. ob average 3,430,000 people daily uses it.
  • It employees more than 12000 people.
Admiralteyskaya station, Saint Petersburg metro

Admiralteyskaya station

  • At the moment the system of the subway totals 68 stations. out of which 6 are transfer knots of 4 lines.
  • Today there are 5 lines of the Saint Petersburg metro (subway).
  • Prospekt Veteranov station is the most loaded station of the subway in Russia.
Obvodny kanal station

Obvodny kanal station

St Petersburg Metro logo

saint petersburg metro logo, metro sign in st.petersburg russia, Saint Petersburg metro

St. Petersburg Metro logo

St Petersburg is the city that is built on water. Therefore, all lines of the subway of the city at some point pass under water.

In the Saint Petersburg metro, longest escalators of the world exist. certain stations have escalators that have length more than 150 meters.

Working hours of Saint Petersburg metro varies from station to station. Normally they start from 05:30-05:45 to 00:15-00:40.

St Petersburg Metro map in English.

St. Petersburg Metro map, Saint Petersburg metro

St. Petersburg Metro map

Saint Petersburg metro ticket

Special coins and magnetic cards are used in Saint Petersburg metro ticket.

St.Petersburg metro coins, Saint Petersburg metro

St.Petersburg metro coins

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