Education in Russia at a Glance 2013

Education in Russia at a Glance 2016. The Achievements and Improvements in Russian Education System

Year 2016 came with many happenings in the world of education in Russia. This great country has more than 600 higher education institutes, offering about 500 courses.

With such a variety for education in Russia for foreigners, Russian universities have attracted more than 186,606  international students from around the globe. (Data compiled by Novosibirsk National Research State University)

Here is a glimpse of some wonderful happening of education in Russia in 2016!

International Rankings of Russian Universities

18 Russian universities were ranked among the world’s top 800 universities in (QS) World University Rankings 2015/16. Lomonosov Moscow State University at 108th and St. Petersburg State University at 256th position, were at the top of all Russian universities.

Moscow State University

Moscow State University

Education Budget in Russia

According to World bank figures, Russia spent 4.2% of their the GDP on education in 2012. In 2015-16 the combined spending on education, healthcare and social policy will increase 7.3%.


Russian government planned to increase available scholarships in Russia to about 10,000 international students.  This is to increase the future prospects for education in Russia for foreign students.

Grants to Improve Rankings of Russian Universities

In May 2013, 54 Russian Higher education institutions and 36 universities competed for the special government grant. The aim was to improve the international ranking of higher education in Russia.

The purpose of this contest is to support at least 5 Russian Universities by Russian Government to reach the league of top 100 universities of the world by the year 2020. In the QS ranking 2015-2016 of world best Universities, Russian universities have improved their ranks as compared to previous years.

International Education Fair in Russia

The International Education Fairs held in Moscow and St. Petersburg in Russia. It was arranged for both national and international students in Russia. This education fair provided interacting opportunity to the students, for accessing best Russian universities. This year this International Education Fair will be held on 18th September in Moscow and 19th September in Saint Petersburg.

Students in International Education Fair 2013, Moscow

Students in International Education Fair 2013, Moscow

International Collaborations of Russian Universities

The Russian government conducted several collaboration projects with renowned international universities. This aimed to attract international instructors for coming to Russia. And to build different centers of excellence for national as well as international students from all fields of education in Russia.

Summer School 2016 in St. Petersburg

A summer school program held at the St. Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance every year.

The program was arranged to explain Russian business environment to international students. This program was arranged for students who are planning to study in Russia for higher studies. This was a very god opportunity to experience Russian academics system, culture, society and student life in Russia.

St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

St Petersburg State University of Economics and Finance

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