legalization of Documents for Russia

Legalization is the process of certifying a document to make it legal and recognizable in front of the authoritative bodies of foreign countries. The legalization is about signature and stamping documents by the respective officials of the country.

When you are planning to start education in Russia, you have to legalize your educational documents to present in front of official bodies of country. The educational document issued to you in Russia is valid for only this particular country. To present these documents to some other country for job or further education, it needs to be legalized. The legalization is done within the Russia.

Types of Legalization

ablcc-services_legalization-of-commercial-documentsThere are two types of legalization for educational documents. Which legalization is needed for your documents is depends upon the destination country (to which documents is to be presented). The types of legalization are:

  1. Apostille legalization
  2. Consular legalization

 Requirements of Legalization in Russia

You need to do legalization of documents twice, first when you are going to start your education in Russia. The education documents should be legalized in the country from where it is issued. You have to legalize your documents in your country for starting your education in Russia.

Legislation of education documents is compulsory for student belonging to any country to study in Russia. But candidates from many countries also need to go through the procedure of recognizing their documents in Russia.

Legalization of Russian Diploma

Diploma is a degree that you will receive on your graduation from Russian Universities. In most of the countries, this diploma degree document is recognized. When you are arriving at Russia for education you are required to legalize your documents. Likewise you have to legalize your Russian Diploma to make it valid in some other destination country.

Process of Legalization in Russia

According to the Russian Government resolution, the Federal Education and Science Supervision Service has the authority to stamp the educational documents in Russian Federation for legalization. The legalization process is carried out in three steps in Russia.

  1. Certification of the document from the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation bodies
  2. Certification of the document from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation bodies
  3. Certification of the document from the consulate of the destination country


Note: This process take minimum of 45 days to complete.

Documents Required

There are some specific documents that you have to provide to make your documents legalize from the authoritative bodies of the country.

  1. Application (download the template on the website of the Consular Section of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs)
  2. Identity document
  3. Diploma
  4. Receipt of fee payment


The purpose of recognition of your educational documents is the evaluation of your degree for further foreign degree program. when you complete your education in Russia and you want to continue education in some other country.

"Don't forget to process legalization and recognition your educational documents before leaving Russia for further studies."

Process of Recognition

The process of recognition of educational documents in Russia consists of 5 main steps:

  1. Prepare set of all required documents
  2. Filled application form for recognition
  3. Pay the state fee for recognition of documents
  4. Consideration of application
  5. Receive the recognition certificate

For more detail on the process of recognition, Click here!

Documents Required

There are some specific documents that you need to submit for recognition of the educational documents.

  1. Set of all your original educational documents. It includes transcript and the Russian translation of all educational documents and transcript as well.
  2. Copy of the passport
  3. If you are a foreign passport holder and you do not have duplicated it in Russian, a notarized translation in Russian is required.
  4. Power of attorney will be needed if the person itself is not submitting the documents.

attestation imageWhen legalization is required in Admission Process in Russia?

Legalization of documents is highly important in the admission process in Russia, you have to present your legalized documents to the university to complete your admission process.

The step of submitting your legal documents comes right after you receive your invitation letter. After receiving invitation letter, applicant have to come university for submitting legalized Certificate/Diploma and Transcript.

When legalization is not needed?

There are also some cases when legalization of documents is not needed.

  1. If the destination country (the country you want to go) does not require the legalized document.
  2. If there is any bilateral treaty between Russia and other country that is cancelling the demand of legalized documents.
  3. If it is not possible to legalized the documents because of the type of document.

Keep these points in mind when you are planning for studying further in Russia. This will help you to avoid lot of problems that you may face during the process.

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