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Traveling to Russia? Here are The Important thing you need to know about the Taxi in Russia

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Taxi in Russia



Taxi in Russia “РОССИЯ”. The name of Comfort and Security

Taxi is Russia is the most comfortable way for travel to Russia. It becoming a very popular source of moving in Russia. Statistically,   about 70% of people are use  taxi in Russia at least once in a month.

The first taxi in Russia appeared in 1907 in Moscow. By 1925 there were about 200 taxis of the Renault and Fiat brands in Moscow. The very first museum devoted to a taxi was open in Moscow in 1975.

By estimates of experts, taxi is a huge sources of income in Russia. Taxis nearly make the revenue of nearly $2.5 billion a year!

Modern Services of Taxi in Russia

The modern type of a taxi in Russia is offered by many companies now. The digital taximeter are used here. It is the most popular and reliable way for indication of taxi fare during the order of the car.

Official taxi of “РОССИЯ” airline offers excellent taxi and moving services at the airport. new cars of a business class of Toyota Camry, Lexus ES are available at Moscow international airport to take you to the city!

Here is more on the popular services of taxi in Russia.

About TAXI 068 in Russia

Taxi 068 has  the network of more than 500 cars. They have the waiting time of  only 7 – 10 minutes. With high level of service, professional drivers, comfortable cars for your service!

Taxi 068 also offers you the online services. They offer a special discount of 10% with every online order.Book your taxi here or Just dial 068 for the taxi if you are in St. Petersburg. Other phone lines for 068 are:

8 (800) 550-0-068
+7 (812) 324-77-77

About Taxi 777 in Russia

Taxi 777 is also a premium quality service. It was recognized as one of the best companies of a taxi in Russia, according to the services of the World Economic forum in the city of St. Petersburg.

Call at Number +7 (812) 777 - 1- 777 for your taxi ride in St. Petersburg.

About Taxi TROIKA CARS in  Russia

Taxi Troika is at your service with latest Mercedes-Benz E class cars. They offers the most luxurious taxi services in Pulkovo. Just in 10 minutes!

Call at Number: (812) 411-0-333  for Taxi Troika Cars in Russia.

About Taxi 058 in Russia

Taxi 058 has the network of  more than 300 taxi in Russia. With the  Polite and professionally trained staff, the company has provided transportation, towing, gifts delivery services for last 10 years in Russia.

Cat at Number: 058; +7 (812) 336-53-53 for the reservation of Taxi 058 in Russia.

About Taxi 5000000 in Russia

Taxi 5000000 has the taxi network ensuring the safety of passengers. They are the specialized transport facility with reasonable prices in Russia.

Call at Phone number: +7 (812) 7 000 000 for your taxi reservations.

Call the TAXI online,HERE.  Or explore more on Moscow Metro or St. Petersburg Metro for having a safe and easy trip to Russia!

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