Development Trends of Education in Russia

Current Development Trends of Education in Russia 

Russia is a country with a literacy rate of 98%. This remarkable figure explains the success and developments of Russian educational system. Today, more than 600 Russian universities are providing quality education at all levels. Now the fame of Russian universities has exceeded many western European countries in many fields of education.

Here is a brief overview of the development trends of education in Russia since the 18th century to modern developments!

Early Development of Education in Russia

System of higher education in Russia system started with the establishment of universities in Moscow and St. Petersburg in mid-18th century. Today they are the most advanced state universities in Russia.

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Moscow State University

Transition of Education in Russia

The system of education in Russia has seen a lot of changes since then. A major change was seen with the introduction of American and European educational systems in Russian universities. The process started in last decade as Bologna process. This included a 4 year Bachelor’s and 2 years Master’s degree programs in the system of education in Russia.

This is formally known as modernization of Education in Russia. Today, many of Russian universities are considered equal to the American Ivy League schools.

Privatization of Higher Education in Russia

Privatization of educational institutions was another major development in system of educational in Russia. The aim was the expansion of educational network in Russia. This has much increased the number of non-state universities to about 650 in Russia. Such private investments have also improved economic conditions in educational field.

Freedom of Education in Russia

As per the current constitution of Russia, all the people are free in their educational right. Students are free to select their own language of communication, studies and educational training.

Russian students are now heading towards controversial subjects which were banned in earlier times. Such as journalism, gender studies, political science, etc.

International Collaboration of Russian Universities

Russian universities have now established known educational collaborations with top world organizations like American Councils for international education, Erasmus Mundus, UNESCO International Bureau of Education and Full bright communities.

Russian universities are now offering training and academic exchange programs in Russia, with many international universities for students, professionals  and researches.

International Students in Russia

International Students in Russia

International foundations like Ford, Carnegie Corporation, Open Society Institute and MacArthur have offered generous grants sponsoring technical research projects for many Russian educational institutes.

Development of National Research Universities in Russia

Development of National Research Universities in Russia is one of the major developments of Russian Government for modern sciences and technological advancements.

Currently there are about 27 National Research Universities are present for higher education in Russia. They are given special status by government and funding. This is to establish research centers and latest R&D in Russia.

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