Credit transfer system for study in Russia

Learn about the credit transfer system to study in Russia

Welcome to the Study Program in Russia, study in Russia

Welcome to the Study Program in Russia

Study in Russia is becoming more and more easier now. Russian study system is getting similar to Bologna process model!

Bologna process ensures the same education system all over the Europe and it is recognized in every European country. Learn how to credit transfer to study in  Russia in Russian universities.

Following are the key features of credit transfer system to study in Russia!

Traditional Vs. Modern Education in Russia

Traditionally study in Russia was based on a single stage. It was composed of 5-6 years of university studies. This single stage is called Specialist degree and it was offered by the Russian Government, free of charges.

Now, Russia is transforming its educational system and dividing it like European educational system. The new reforms are based on 4 years Bachelors and 2 years Masters level programs. This transformation is known as Bologna process in whole Europe.

Foreign Student in Russia, study in Russia, Credit transfer system to study in Russia

Foreign Student in Russia

European Credit Transfer (ECT) System

The European Credit Transfer (ECT) is basically defined for the exchange students. International students coming to Russia, have their results in local formats. So, European commission has introduced a standard rule for the equivalence.

Study in Russia is now more famous because they are now accepting European Credit Transfer in most of the Russian universities . The ECT encourages the credit transfer of student from one university to another university. It prevents the student from any educational loss that students might have due to migration.

How ECT is Defined?

In ECT system, every academic year worth 60 credits.  This has a sub division of 30 credits per semester and 20 credits per trimester.

Efficiency of European Credit Transfer System in Russia

After applying ECT system in its universities, Russia has made its study system very simple. Now, students just need to show that they have attained the goal of the course with specific ECT. And they are eligible to get admitted in next level in same or other Russian universities to study in Russia.

Learn more about the student visa requirements Or contact us for expert guidance to plan your study trip to Russia!

10 Responses

  1. Can I transfer from Indian university to Russia
    • Natalia
      Yes this depends on the accepting university and the recognition of educational diplomas, you can fill the student application form and register with RIBTTES so we will proceed your case for next assessment .
  2. can I transfer from university of kualalumpur to Russian university as a citizen of Bangladesh
    • Alena Lavrova
      Dear Mina, Not knowing your academic background, I cannot give you a firm reply. But yes, it is possible to transfer from a university and this depends on the accepting university and the recognition of educational diplomas. You can fill the student application form and register with RIBTTES so we will proceed your case for next assessment.
  3. hlo mam/ sir i want to study bachelor in Russia in English medium..Do they have english taught bachelor (computer science ).and also i want to join masters in garmany afterwards. ..plz suggest me
    • Alena Lavrova
      Dear Anand, Let me guide you that, in Russia, 98 % universities offer Russian medium education at Bachelors level. So, Bachelors in Computer Science will be offered in Russian medium as well. Firstly, you need to do Russian language preparatory course. This course will lead you to your desired degree program. But, we can offer you admission in another English Medium bachelor degree program which is International Business. The cost of Bachelors in International Business program is around USD 4500 to USD 5000 per year. If you want to apply, Please, fill the complete student form at: , after that, our team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email with all details. Thanks.
  4. Please brief cridet transfer to Europian medical universities from russia medical universities
    • Natalia
      Dear Fayyaz,Generally the Credit transfer is based on the mutual Contract and Recognition of educational degrees in both universities. IF you have a specific query then kindly email to us at:
  5. Hello, please I am Jennifer from Ghana but currently studying in a Russian university. Can I transfer to a German university
    • Natalia
      Dear Jennifer, Thank you for your comment. Please contact with the international department of your university. Or you may need to consult the International Department of German university in which you wishes to study further. Thank you

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