Cool facts about Russia

The Surprising and Cool Facts about Russia!

Can you imagine visiting White House as a tourist spot? Well this is possible for when of Russia! Believe it or not Russians are actually very interesting people with thousands of interesting facts to share with the world. In this article we will show you some cool facts about Russia.

Here are some of the cool facts about Russia.

  • Moscow Kremlin is not only the official residence of Russian President but also serves as the historical spot for more than 25 million tourists every year.

Moscow Kremlin

Places to Visit in Moscow, Visit to Russia, cool facts about Russia

Saint Basil's Cathedral and the view of Moscow Kremlin at night

  • One of the cool facts about Russia is that it  is not only largest country in the world but it even competes with our solar system. Russia is even bigger than Pluto!
  • If you are a Chinese and love to have more and more kids, move to Russia.  Their government will highly appreciate your passion for kids. The country is so conscious about their decreasing population that Russian are even given a special day off by government as “Day of Conception” to make more and more babiesHit on September 12th and get your natural and national rewards on June 12th!
Places to visit in Russia, Travel to Russia, Orthodox Churches in Russia,cool facts about Russia

Orthodox Cathedral in Russia

  • Alaska was originally the part of Russia. They sold it to America in 1867.
  • World War – 2 has not ended in Russia yet! Yes it’s true to the records. Technically Russia and japan are still in World War 2 because these two countries still haven’t signed the peace treaty over the issue of Kuril Islands in Russia.
  • Unlike most of the Americans and Europeans, Russian couples wear their wedding rings on right hand.

Russians' Wedding

Wedding of the Russian couple in Orthodox Church, cool facts about Russia

Wedding of the Russian couple in Orthodox Church


  • Russians teething necklaces are famous as “pain killers”.  Many Europeans believe that magical amber necklace from Russia can take away the teething pain of their kids.

Amber Teething Necklace

Russian Amber Teething Necklace, cool facts about Russia

Russian Amber Teething Necklace


  • Don’t Smile in courtesy. Russia don’t consider it good. Seriously! They take smile as something very pure and honest that it should not be shared with strangers round the street.
  • Like rest of the world, where people love to talk about their awesome jobs and career lines. Russians are very different in this sense. They don’t like to talk about their jobs and work nature.
  • If you love Mc meals and McDonald hang outs, then visit Russia and experience them in the largest Mc hall of the world. Moscow city has the Largest McDonald of world with the seating Capacity of 700 customers.

 Moscow McDonald

McDonald's has the world largest outlet in Moscow Russia, cool facts about Russia

McDonald's in a supermarket of Russia

  • Russians are generally very knowledgeable people. Just talk to them and you will find a lot more than the newspaper.
  • They are very formal in dressing, even going for a walk or regular tea in café is a special event for Russians and they properly dress up before going out of their homes.
russian language, Cultural Celebrations in Russia, Young Girls in Russia, cool facts about Russia

Russian Girls in Traditional Dressings

  • One of the cool facts about Russia is that these people celebrate two Christmases in a year. One on 25th and the other one on 7th January as per the orthodox Julian calendar. This season spends one Christmas at your home and the other one with us in St. Petersburg.

Orthodox Christmas in Russia

St Isaac's Square in Petersburg, Russia, cool facts about Russia

Christmas Decorations in St Isaac's Square in Petersburg, Russia

  • These people are so fond of Vodka that despite of its one of the largest producer in world, they drank so much vodka while celebrating World War 2 victories that the country ran out of vodka.
  • Count your flowers before giving it to your Russian beloved. Because even number of flowers are considered as bad omen in Russia. It’s like odd for love and even for funerals.
  • Russians don’t throw away stuff even the broken one. They really mind wasting things and keeping on mending their old things to use.
  • Moscow Metro is not only the fastest transportation in world, it is also the shelter of Russians from World War 3. These subway stations have metallic structure and like an underground capsule that will seal in nuclear attacks.

Moscow Metro

Fastest Metro of World, cool facts about Russia

Train is arriving to Moscow metro station

Explore more interesting things and cool facts about Russia, here! Or contact us for more details on travel to Russia or Study in Russia.

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