Constantine Palace in Strelna

Constantine Palace in Strelna is a breathtaking masterpiece of Russian Architecture!

Constantine Palace

Constantine Palace in Strelna.

Facts about The National Congress Palace in St. Petersburg

The Constantine Palace and park ensemble is present in Strelna. It is the famous monument of architecture of the 18th century. Strelna lies on the south coast of Gulf of Finland. It is a small setlement, present in the oldest suburbs of St. Petersburg. This place is located in 19 kilometers from the  main city of St. Petersburg. The palace is world famous for its constructional beauty and gardens.

Here are some interesting facts about the Constantine Palace!

  • Construction of the palace begun in 1720. Its modern look was created at the beginning of the 19th century.
  • Its National Congress Palace  is considered as the most prestigious place for carrying out elite meetings and gatherings in St. Petersburg and in the Northwest region.
  • Constantine Palace in Strelna is a grandiose place comparable to the Peterhof Palace in St. Petersburg.
Constantine Palace

Constantin palace a famous monument of architecture.

  • The territory of Strelna, according to the plan of Peter I, had to become the Russian analog of park Versailles near Paris - "The Russian Versaliya".
  • During the Great Patriotic War the palace and park ensemble was almost completely destroyed.
  • The project of park was developed by the Italian architect N. Miketti.
  •  When Miketti returned to Europe,   J.B. Le Blond and F. B. Rastrelli continued the constructions of Constantine Palace in Strelna.

Constantine Palace is a must place to visit in Russia

In 2001-2003 the Constantine Palace and adjacent park were restored and open for visit.

  • Nowadays the palace carries out a role of the general city staff where the international conferences and negotiations are held, various issues of the state level are resolved.
  • Daily in halls thematic tours are conducted in Constantine Palace.Visitors are given unique opportunity to check magnificent halls of the palace. Its knowns for its surprising beauty and delicacy.
Constantin palace, The National Congress Palace in Russia, UNESCO World heritage in Russia

The magnificent interior of Konstantinovsky Palace in St. Petersburg Russia

The Constantine Palace in Strelna is a monument included in the list of the world heritage of UNESCO. It is an outstanding example of the Russian architecture and a must place to visit on your trip to Russia!

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