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Technology of Timber Cutting and Timber Processing

Engineering in Timber cutting technologies The  undergraduate and graduate degree course is designed for the application of biological, technical and economic aspects of the timber cutting and processing field. The course covers the environmental and aesthetic concepts of the field as well. The timber engineering course is designed with a combination of compulsory core subjects…
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Masters in Oil and Gas Management

The professional degree of Masters in Oil and Gas management is offered to prepare graduates for managing the massive oil and gas projects. The degree is mainly designed to train technicians and business professionals for working together and understanding the technical and commercial operations of oil projects. The program is offered in the city of largest Russian oil…
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Preparatory Course leading to Engineering Degree

Preparatory Course for Engineering is for future engineers.This Preparatory course leads to the Engineering degree program in Russian universities. In this course, universities teach basic Russian language, along with the revision of subjects, in which students want to continue their main degree program. The subjects taught in this preparatory course are: Russian Language Maths Physics Chemistry…
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