List of top 100 Cities of Russia

Geographical Divisions and find details about Top 100 Cities of Russia

The 17.1 million km² area of Russia is divided into the 85 administrative federal subjects.
These federal subjects have the further sub divisions of Republics , Oblasts (Provinces or zones), Krais (territories) , Autonomous Oblast and Autonomous Okrugs.

Moscow, St. Petersburg and Sevastopol are the three cities of federal importance .
This is the constitutional division of Russian Federation. This defines the national status and rights of these divisions.

Cities of Russia, Basics you want to know about them!

The main geographical and administrative divisions of Russia are then divided into 1100 cities in number.

Major Regions in Russia ,Cities of Russia

Major Regions in Russia

Here, we have collected the important information and interesting facts that you want to know about these beautiful cities of Russia!

List of  Top 100 cities of Russia

Such  huge number of cities can be ranked on many criteria. However the most general one is based on the population of the cities. Here is the list of top 100 cities of Russia.


NoName of CityPopulationCity
01The City of Moscow11,503,501Moscow, travel to russia, study in russia, visit russia, moscow
02The City of St. Petersburg4,879,566The City of St. Petersburg
03The City of Novosibirsk1,473,754The City of Novosibirsk
04The City of Yekaterinburg1,349,772The City of Yekaterinburg
05The City of Nizhny Novgorod1,250,619The City of Nizhny Novgorod
06The City of Samara1,164,685The City of Samara
07The City of Omsk1,154,116Russian Cities, Development in Russia
08The City of Kazan1,143,535The City of Kazan
09The City of Chelyabinsk1,130,132The City of Chelyabinsk
10The City of Rostov on Don1,089,261The City of Rostov on Don
11The City of Ufa1,062,319The City of Ufa
12The City of Volgograd1,021,215Volga Region, Travel to Russia
13The City of Perm991,162The City of Perm
14The City of Krasnoyarsk973,826The City of Krasnoyarsk
15The City of Voronezh889,680The City of Voronezh
16The City of Saratov873,055The city of Saratov, Volga River, Night view of Volga, Old cities of Russia
17The City of Krasnodar744,995Krasnoyarsk in Winters
18The City of Tolyatti719,632The City of Tolyatti
19The City of Izhevsk627,734The City of Izhevsk
20The City of Ulyanovsk613,786Russian Cities, Travel to Russia
21The City of Barnaul612,401The City of Barnaul
22The City of Vladivostok592,034An aerial view of Zolotoy Bridge in Vladivostok, The city of Vladivostok Russia
23The City of Yaroslavl591,486The City of Yaroslavl
24The City of Irkutsk587,891Russian Cities, Irkutsk, Summers in Russia, largest cities of Russia
25The City of Tyumen581,907The City of Tyumen
26The City of Khabarovsk577,441The City of Khabarovsk
27The City of Makhachkala572,076The City of Makhachkala
28The City of Orenburg548, 331The City of Orenburg
29The City of Novokuznetsk547,904Cities of Russia, Travel to Russia
30The City of Kemerovo532,981The City of Kemerovo
31The City of Ryazan524,927Russian Cities, Places to visit in Russia
32The City of Tomsk524,669The City of Tomsk
33The City of Astrakhan520,339The city of Astrakhan, Russian Cities
34The City of Penza517,311The City of Penza
35The City of Naberezhnye Chelny517,000The City of Naberezhnye Chelny
36The City of Lipetsk508,887The City of Lipetsk
37The City of Tula501,169The City of Tula
38The City of Kirov473,695The Kirov City
39The City of Cheboksary453,721The City of Cheboksary
40The City of Kaliningrad431,902The City of Kaliningrad
41The City of Bryansk415,721Night view of Russia, Bryansk, Cities of Russia
42The City of Kursk415,159The City of Kursk
43The City of Tver408,852The City of Tver
44The City of Irkutsk408,330The City of Irkutsk
45The City of Magnitogorsk407,775Places to visit in Magnitogorsk, Lakes in Russia
46The City of Ulan Ude404,426The City of Ulan Ude
47The City of Stavropol400,000The City of Stavropol
48The City of Nizhny Tagil361,811Russian Cities , About Russia, Work in Russia
49The City of Belgorod356,402The City of Belgorod
50The City of Arkhangelsk Russia348,783The City of Arkhangelsk
51The City of Vladimir345,373Golden Ring of Russia, Visit to Russia
52The City of Sochi343,334The City of Sochi
53The City of Kurgan333,606The City of Kurgan
54The City of Saransk327,000The City of Saransk
55The City of Smolensk326,861Places to Visit in Russia, Cities of Russia
56The City of Kaluga324,698The City of Kaluga
57The City of Chita324,444The City of Chita
58The City of Oryol317,747The City of Oryol
59The City of Volzhsky314,255The City of Volzhsky
60The City of Cherepovets312,310The City of Cheboksary
61The City of Vladikavkaz311,693The City of Vladikavkaz
62The City of Murmansk307,257The Port of Murmansk, Russian Cities, Largest cities of Russia
63The City of Surgut306,675The City of Surgut
64The City of Vologda301,755The City of Vologda
65The City of Taganrog281,947Taganrog, Russian Cities, Cities of Russia
66The City of Tambov280,161The City of Tambov
67The City of Kostroma278,540The City of Kostroma
68The City of Sterlitamak273,486Russian Cities, View of Sterlitamak Russia, Travel to Russia
69The City of Grozny271,573The City of Grozny
70The City of Petrozavodsk266,160The City of Petrozavodsk
71The City of Komsomolsk on Amur263,906The City of Komsomolsk on Amur
72The City of Nizhnevartovsk251,694The City of Nizhnevartovsk
73The City of Yoshkar Ola248,782The City of Yoshkar Ola
74The City of Bratsk246,319The City of Bratsk
75The City of Novorossiysk241,952The City of Novorossiysk
76The City of Dzerzhinsk240,742Cities of Russia, Places to visit in Russia
77The City of Nalchik240,203The City of Nalchik
78The City of Shakhty239,987The City of Shakhty
79The City of Orsk239,800The City of Orsk
80The City of Syktyvkar235,006The City of Syktyvkar
81The City of Nizhnekamsk234,044The City of Nizhnekamsk
82The City of Angarsk233,567The City of Magnitogorsk
83The City of Stary Oskol221,085The City of Stary Oskol
84The City of Veliky Novgorod218,717The City of Veliky Novgorod
85The City of Balashikha215,494The City of Arkhangelsk
86The City of Blagoveshchensk214,390The City of Arkhangelsk
87The City of Yakutsk210,642The City of Yakutsk
88The City of Prokopyevsk210,130The City of Prokopyevsk
89The City of Biysk210,115The City of Arkhangelsk
90The City of Khimki207,425The City of Khimki
91The City of Pskov203,279The City of Pskov
92The City of Engels202,419Engels, Russian Cities Travel to Russia
93The City of Rybinsk200,771The City of Rybinsk
94The City of Severodvinsk200,000About Russia, Russian Cities
95The City of Balakovo199,690The City of Arkhangelsk
96The City of Korolyov190,000The City of Korolyov
97The City of Podolsk190,000The City of Podolsk
98The City of Armavir188,832The City of Arkhangelsk
99The City of Yuzhno Sakhalinsk182,000The City of Yuzhno Sakhalinsk
100The City of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky180,000The City of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky


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