The Most Affordable and Cheap Hotels in Russia

Hotels that fit into your pocket! Cheap hotels in Russia

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The City of Moscow at Night

Russian top cities are full of elite class seven stars and five stars hotels and accommodations. Moscow is one of the most expensive and modern place in the world. It's the city full of billionaires of and offers most costly attractions for them.
Apart from the elite selections, there are many affordable places  and cheap hotels to stay in Russia. Russian tourism industry has widely expanded in last few year. Today there are countless places that offers special packages and luxurious deals in very good and affordable prices.

These  discounted offers are made for

    • Occasional Deals
    • Wedding Packages
    • Weekend Deals
    • Honeymoon Suites
    • Corporate Conferencing
    • Long Term Stays.

Russian hotels offer online reservations and booking. Pre- bookings are always the

best option for making your vacations plans in Russia. They save your time. Personalized deals are very easily available on pre- bookings. These hotels also offer you the Russian visa invitation to visit and stay in their country.


Here is the list of some of the good place, we suggest you to stay in Russia. With most comfortable and state of the art facilities, these hotels would give you a wonderful experience of staying in Moscow.

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Café Pushkin in Russia


St. Petersburg, Its the city full of  historical and cultural tourists attractions. Millions and millions of people visit this city every year. Given are the some of the best choices to stay in St. Petersburg on affordable prices.


Yekaterinburg in the next important and most visited city of Russia. This city is the industrial center of country having many business attractions for foreigners. These hotels are the very nice places to make a stopover in Yekaterinburg.

You can compare the prices, room availabilities, services,  facilities and  nearby vicinities through their online reservation systems.

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