Cheap Flights to Russia

The Most Affordable and Cheap Flights to Russia

Today, every corner of the world has an access to Russian boundaries. There are many international companies making their airways to Russia. Moscow and St. Petersburg are the two main stops for foreigners in Russia.

Ministry of Foreign Affairs buiding in Moscow, aerial view, cheap flights to Russia

Ministry of Foreign Affairs building in Moscow, aerial view

To get good flights on cheap rates, booking your flights well before the time is the key. And availing the special offers of airlines packages can save you a good amount of money on  the

We are here to help you finding the affordable and cheap flights to Russia!

Booking Cheap Flight to Russia

The online booking portals of these websites stay updated every time to give you a 24/7 support for booking cheap flights to Russia.  You can check the schedule of arriving and departing flights to your country. Can make online reservations and get confirmations of your flights.

Pulkovo Airpor,Airports in Russia, Largest Airports in Europe,cheap flights to Russia

The Night view of Pulkovo Airport in Saint Petersburg Russia

More importantly, you can very easily make the price comparisons of every flight from the online system of these airlines.

These websites also keeps you posted about the coming discounted offers and travel alerts.

Aeroflot is the largest Russian airline. It covers 129 destinations in the world for going to Russia. Other than this, there are some of the top airlines of the world. They cover a huge range of  international destination,  offering best customer services.

From Europe to Russia

From Asia to Russia

From United States to Russia

From UAE to Russia

From UK and Canada

Main International Airports of Russia

International Airports of Moscow

These are the main Russian International airports serving Moscow Oblast.

    • Domodedovo International Airport
    • Sheremetyevo International Airport
    • Vnukovo International Airport 
    • Ostafyevo International Airport ( For business class flights only)

Domodedovo International Airport, Russia

Other International Airports of Russia

The International airports of St. Petersburg is Pulkovo Airport.

Other than that,

    • Koltsovo Airport ( Yekaterinburg )
    • Irkutsk International Airport
    • Sochi International Airport
    • Volgograd International Airport

These airports are serving as the next main international air stops in Russia.

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