Celebrations of Russian Victory Day

Experience the Amazing Celebrations of Russian Victory Day on 9th May  !

Russian people are known in the world for amazing history! They have a very long history of war fighting's and defending their national honor. This has made Russian the most brave national in the world!

Today's Russian Federation has adopted its national heritage from Soviet Union. Among several national celebrations of Russia, Russians Victory Day is also an important national event in Russia. It as the day when huge number of bloodshed innocent people and soldiers was stopped during the World War 2.

Military Parade on Victory Day in Russia

Military Parade on Victory Day in Russia

History of Russian Victory Day

The victory day has its historical significance because of the World War 2. It was the evening of 8 May 1945 when Nazi forces was defeated by Soviet forces. And Germans signed a surrender document on that evening in the Berlin. So the victory day is celebrated as a memorial of  this greatest military achievement of allied forces of Soviet Union, against the Nazi Germany and its allies.

9th May is Celebrated as Victory Day in Russia

9 May is celebrated as the National  Victory Day in Russia. It is one of the most famous national holidays in Russia since 1945.

Parade and the Celebrations of Victory Day in Russia, victory day,russian victory day

Parade and the Celebrations of Victory Day in Russia

Numerous military parades are arranged in every corner of the country. Most spectacular and largest military parade of victory day takes place in Red square of Moscow. To honor the victory of soviet soldiers. All Russians participate in these celebrations to pay tribute to the family members and national heroes who lost their life in the war.

This victory day is also celebrated in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Israel, Serbia  Kazakhstan, Poland, Mongolia, Uzbekistan and many other countries which were affected by the wrath of second world war.

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