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Why invest in Russia

Are you thinking about why should you invest in Russia? Facts about Russia Before moving on, have a look at some facts about Russia and its economy. These facts are  in comparison with the world. It will help you understand why should you invest in Russia. [caption id="attachment_9576" align="aligncenter" width="604"] One of the fastest growing economy…
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Russian currency ruble making records in 2015

[span7] Russian currency ruble burst the US dollar bubble! The currency that was in news in 2014 Its is now making its way to the headlines in 2015 as well . Once again it is on track to beat all records of being the best. Yes this is the Russian currency, Ruble! The Moscow exchange closed Ruble on 50.89…
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Russian Business Visa Invitation

Traveling Russia for Business? You need Russian Business Visa Invitation! Visa invitation is an official document in Russia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA) issues all types of visa invitation including Business visa invitation. It basically explains to Russian government, that why you are coming to Russia. This invitation letter is a must requirement for your…
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