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Celebration of Maslenitsa festival in Russia

Maslentisa festival is a religious celebration. It is one of the most joy able and colorful festivals in Russia. It is celebrated a week before the Orthodox Great Lent or the Great Fast before Easter. It is celebrated as ‘Cheese fare week’. This religious celebration is celebrated among the Eastern orthodox communities of Russia, Bulgaria,…
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Orthodox Christmas in Russia

The Unique Celebrations of Orthodox Christmas in Russia [caption id="attachment_7592" align="aligncenter" width="736"] Orthodox Christmas Celebrations in Russia[/caption]   About the Orthodox Christmas in Russia Christmas  Day - 25th December is the birthday of Jesus (Peace Be Up on Him) .  But Russians are the nation that do not celebrate their Christmas on 25th December. The majority…
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The Unique Style of Russian Contemporary Art

Enjoy the Unique Style, Liberty and Amazing expression of Russian Contemporary Art!  Contemporary  art is the art of modern era . This term is used to refer the work of the artists of this present time, who are continuously making their additions. Famous Russian Contemporary Artists Russian contemporary artists are famous around the world for…
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Attraction of Russian Culture

The Traditional Attractions of Russian Culture Russian culture is very prosperous. It comprises of decades based on their diverse background. Russians tradition features their skill, meals, traditions, literary works, thought patterns and much more. Russian culture is rich in style and variety, reflecting their passion of education arts and liberal arts. These people are very…
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What is Russia

Lets have an Introduction to What is Russia! From Russian Empire, Russian Republic, Soviet Russia and Soviet Union to the current time. This country has passed through many historical phases of regional and political developments. Today's’ Russia, is the largest country of the world with the area of 17.1 million km². It emerged on the map of…
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Russian Food

The Unique taste and Specialties of Russian Food with most famous Russian Dishes Russian food, famous for its colorful appearance, appealing taste and its festivities, every dish of Russian cuisine is like a work of traditional art! The progression of Russian food has been very long. It keeps best traditions of the Russian people. Russian cuisine and traditional…
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Currency of Russia is called Ruble

Russian Rubles. Read All About the Currency of Russia Federation [caption id="attachment_8088" align="alignleft" width="150"] Russian Rubbles is the currency of Russia.[/caption] Russian Ruble (RUB) is the official currency of Russian Federation for the last 500 years. It is  also referred as Rouble  sometimes.  The currency is controlled by Currency regulation and Currency control authorities of Russia. The major…
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About Russian People

Interesting Qualities and Facts about The Great & Strong Russian People Russian people are the mix of 185 ethnic communities of the world. With their oldest historical background from 9th century. These people are known for their unique culture and traditions.  Their hospitality and welcoming nature  for other people is very famous among the tourists visiting…
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All about Russian Media

All about Russian Media! The Best Sources of Information and Entertainment Media is the primary source to known about the people of any country ! Russia media is also having the most important role in presenting the real image of Russians to the world. The Russian media have a very broad scope of broadcast and print…
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