Career and Education in Russia

Career and Education in Russia

Russia ranks 8th in world by the number of foreign students arriving for higher education in Russia. Specially, to study medical, engineering and technology, management, social sciences, finance etc.

Today, Russia is becoming one of the most popular destinations for foreign students to study in Russia, This leads to a well-established career and best jobs in Russia.

Here are a number of reasons why international students are heading towards Career and Education in Russia.

Education at Affordable Price

Education in Russian top ranked universities is quite affordable. Medical courses generally cost up to US$5,000 a year which is quite low as compared to around $15,000 in the United States.

The average annual fees for bachelors’ courses in a technical institute are 46,000 Russian Rubles (about US$1500-1700)

Fees for short courses are in between $450 -$550 per month. This price estimate also includes cost of livings in Russia.

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International Students in Russia

International Recognition of Russian Education

Russian degrees and education in Russia is recognized worldwide. This offers countless job prospects for international students not only in Russia but globally as well.

Jobs in Russia

In past, foreign students were not allowed to work in Russia. Now students in Russian universities are now having legal jobs rights on the basis of their Russian student visa.

Legal work permit allows foreign students to find a part-time jobs in Russia. It also helps them to cover their accommodation, food and transportation expenses.

This makes high quality education in education in Russia more affordable and accessible not only by the Russian citizens but by foreigners as well!

Special Courses for Foreigners 

Many Russian universities like Moscow State University, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, St Petersburg State University, St Petersburg's North-West Technical University are offering customized courses in English language for foreign students.

Women Professionals as Leaders in Russia, education in Russia

Women Professionals as Leaders in Russia

These courses can help the international students to experience Russian and European working environment. The programs offered include technology courses, marketing in Russia, political affairs and Russian language courses.

Not only academics instructors but leading businessmen, having strong hold over Russian market conditions, are also invited to share their experiences with students in Russia.

Studies of regional and cultural programs are also offered in English, German, and other European language.

Read more on why study in Russia here! Or contact our team for more details on education in Russia!

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