Russian Business Visa Invitation

Traveling Russia for Business? You need Russian Business Visa Invitation!

Visa invitation is an official document in Russia. Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia (MFA) issues all types of visa invitation including Business visa invitation. It basically explains to Russian government, that why you are coming to Russia. This invitation letter is a must requirement for your visa application procedure at your home town Russian Embassy or Consulate.

So if you want to explore Russia on a business trip, you need a proper business visa invitation letter from your business partner/ employer in Russia.

What is a Russian Business Visa Invitation?

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Sample Russian Business Visa Invitation

To complete your business visa application, you need a supporting document called “Business Visa Invitation “or “Visa Support”.

Business visa invitation is a formal welcoming letter. Russian authorities issue this letter to let you enter in their country. It serves as official evidence about your business plans in Russia.

Your Russian business partner and the organizations you are visiting in Russia, can also issue this letter. This is to explain the purpose of your business trip to the government authorities and it is necessary for your visa processing.

All Russian embassies or consulates in your home country asks for this business visa invitation.

What information, Russian Business Visa Invitation contains?

Business visa invitation letter has a specific reference number. It contains the information of :

    • The company of your Russian partner
    • Complete details of their location in Russian Federation,
    • Contact numbers of this Russian company.
    • Details and designation of company representative (who is signing your invite)
    • Government registration number of this company.

This information is also accompanied by all of your details like:

    • Your passport number
    • Nature of business
    • Purpose of visits
    • Cities where you will go 
    • Duration of your stay

If your Russian partner is unable to send you Business Visa Invitation, then …

If your partner is not authorized by government, to send you this document. Or if you are visiting Russia first time to find potential business prospects. In such cases, business visa invitation can also be requested directly from Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Russia (MFA).

Russian consulate usually asks for its original copy with visa application. Sometimes consulates also accept a faxed version, directly from the office of MFA.

What can we do for you?

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