benefits of russian education system

Most interesting benefits of Russian education system 

Studying in Europe is a dream of many people in the world! People always think about which country is best for studying and settling in Europe. Today you will be surprised when we will let you know about the benefits of Russian education system

We are here to take you to Russia! In our opinion, you should forget about all European countries and think about Russia. Let us prove our claim, with all the fascinating advantages of Study in Russia.

World’s Best Education in Russia

Russia has always remained on the top, in the field of latest researches, modern technologies and education! Especially in medicine and engineering. Study in Russia is highly organized with modern curriculum and teaching processes.

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Foreign Students in Russia participating in the group discussions

World’s Best Career Opportunities in Russia

Russia is among the top world’s strongest economies! It’s the home of thousands of Multinational companies, best investment projects and business centers. Study in Russia is the key to find your way to get the best career options!

Affordable Cost of Living in Russia

Best living style in most affordable rates! You will love study in Russia. As, the cost of student life in Russia is relatively very low, as compared to other European countries. Most of Russian universities offer on-campus residence for their international students as well.

  • Average Tuition Fee US $1500- $3500
  • Cost of travelling card of metro is $400 to $500 annually
  • Hostel charges starts from 11900 RUB / person per month

Admission Process in Russia


Admissions in Russia

Admission process in Russia is relatively very easy as compared to other European countries. You need same qualification as your home country for admission in top Russian universities. Don’t even worry about the GMAT or GRE qualifiers!

Affordable Fees in Russia

Russian universities offer very reasonable and affordable fees structure as compare to universities in Europe. Read more on the Fee structures of your desired study program in Russia.

Scholarships in Russia


Get your degree from Russia

Study in Russia is also very much attracted for the international students because Russian Government announces thousands of scholarships and grants for them. Read more the Government Scholarships in Russia here.

There are several discounts that RIBTTES is offering to students. Study 1 year Russian language course in 1099$/ year and MBA in 1450$/semester.

Note: There is special 10% discount on this fee for female students.

Multicultural Environment in Russia

Last but not the least! Study in Russia is very much enjoyable with its multicultural environment and composition of different ethnic groups. Every year, thousands of people come to Russia for study and vacations. Russia is the top tourist destination in the world. It would make you feel like meeting with the world here!

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