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Deciding about your dream career? Welcome to Russia!

Professional Degree in Russia, bachelor degree

Professional Degree in Russia

Russia is the 8th most favorite country for study in the world. When it comes to your career, you should always select a right bachelor degree for you.  Study in Russia will guide you direct to your dream job.

Ministry of education in Russia, offers many scholarships for foreigners to study in Russia. The bachelor degree in Russia is of high quality grade and up to date, to meet the international standards.

Here are the guidelines for doing a bachelor degree in Russia.

Popular Courses for Bachelor degree in Russia

When thinking about study in Russia, Russian education for foreigners has all the all the courses for bachelor degree that are globally recognized in the world.  There are many of courses from accounting, management, business, engineering, law, medical, economics and many more.

The most favorite programs are MBBS in Russia , Engineering in Russia and MBA in Russia.

bachelor degree

International Students in Russia

Structure of Bachelor degree 

Russian education for foreigners also provides one-year preparatory courses. Higher study in Russia is completed in 4 to 6 years. The first 4 year program leads to Bakalavr (Bachelor) degree. This degree is granted in all fields except medicine, which requires six years for completion.

Fee for International Students in Russia

Overseas students usually pay a high amount of fee for the admission around the world. But study in Russia is cheap for foreign students as well. The fees vary between courses but are fixed for the duration of their program of bachelors.

An average fee for bachelor degree in Russia is about $5000.

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Best Universities

More than 800 universities are present in Russia. Moscow State University (one of the top university in world), National Research University, Saint Petersburg State University, Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia , Tomsk University are the best options to study in Russia and get your professional bachelor degree.

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Jobs in Russia

Moscow, St. Petersburg and Ural regions  are among the best cities of Russia. Numerous heavy industries and western investors are settled in these cities. Offering, best career opportunities in Russia.

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